VR headsets 'could lead to eye disease and vomiting epidemic'

Virtual reality headsets like the PSVR could cause long-term eye damage, specialists claim

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Aloy-Boyfriend2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )


We've heard this myth before about Video games, like the 3DS back when it launched. Excessive play have its risk, but that's about it. Everyone should be responsible and take breaks

Abash2847d ago

These specialists are just as well versed in fear mongering as much as their field of work

uptownsoul2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

This article is HILARIOUS...

1st) The title specifically suggests that Sony's VR device (as opposed to other VR devices) will lead to eye problems...But in the article the doctor talks about VR in general, not Sony's device specifically.

2nd) This quote right here I found the most funny of all since this is the complaint doctors have been making about video games since Atari, OG NES & ColecoVision (suggesting that video game players (or in this case VR users) won't get out of the house): "With VR, we're going to potentially see more and more people suffering from a lack of exposure to daylight"

UPDATE: Current title: "PSVR headsets 'could lead to eye disease and vomiting epidemic" still suggests PlayStation's VR headset (and not other VR headsets) could lead to eye disease & vomiting epidemic --

Easy fix...Title should say "VR headsets could lead to eye disease and vomiting epidemic" ...in other words, take Sony and PS out of the title since the article is talking about ALL VR headsets

Charybdis2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

The headline is a way to exagerated. Just don't put VR devices on anyone under the age of 13. If you are experiencing eye problems it might not be VR related just remember this as I am pretty sure some people, at a certain period in time, will claim it is. At this point there are no points indicating that vr is worse for your eyes than looking at a screen.

yeahokwhatever2846d ago

arent those same scientists telling us to stay away from sun exposure? gtfo. we've got more polar bears than we've had in decades, and billions of tons more ice, we didnt run out of oil, we found more than we can ever use, we didnt go into global cooling, etc. fear mongering at its worst.

kneon2846d ago


Where do you get your fake facts?


And the only reason polar bear populations haven't collapsed is the reduction or elimination of hunting in most areas. As for oil, we're not finding "easy" oil anymore, it requires advanced techniques to extract now.

yeahokwhatever2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I get all my "fake facts" from historical documentation readily available to everyone. Perhaps you're just not old enough to have read the BS that plagued the science textbooks of the 80 and 90s. One can only assume similar assertions are still being produced. Funny how you can understand the concept of click-bait on a website, but somehow think that publishers and researchers don't to the same shit.

TheCommentator2846d ago

Kneon, you forgot to mention Global Cooling. WTF is that?

morganfell2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Only Sony? People that like VR had better stop and think. PSVR is it for VR for now. VR did not take off with any previous hardware introduction. It is fine and good to be an Oculus, Gear VR, or HTC Vive supporter. I have an Oculus DK2 on my desk. But if PSVR fails then VR fails. This is the last chance to get VR up and running in the broad mainstream. Failure to do so will relegate it to a niche product. I look back at all the moronic remarks from Palmer Luckey attacking PSVR and I see an idiot standing in one end of the boat shooting holes in the other end. Dumb, just dumb.

Eonjay2846d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

I'm so excited. I have been waiting fot this day for long. The final effort to stop Sony! Look at them go! And in just 3 hours! These trolls are so lazy!

Lol someone brought up the word 'facts'! They are on a roll.

They are saying its a disease exclusive to PSVR!

Guys, the rift and gear vr has been out for a very long time. But now, two weeks before PSVR release we get this? Come on now.

ji32002846d ago

I remember i read article back in 2006 that using a Nintendo motion controller causes chance of heart attack. Its all stupid speculation. I can make my own statement such as having a girlfriend causes chance of depression and buying a new car causes chance of fatal death accident. I been using Oculus early prototype version since 2013 and i spent several thousand hours on it without any problem. Oculus prototype sold over 200,000 units and not even a single article said their eye sight got worse or side effect. Facebook ,Apple ,Google , Sony is not stupid to invest tons money if VR is dangerous product

donthate2846d ago

and so it starts! Now we just need videos of soccer mom's getting sick, or somebody child and it will kill VR.

2600Thunder2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


Spoiler Alert - It is safe.

bouzebbal2846d ago

the extremes are never good, whether using VR or sitting staring at nothing for hours.
moderation is key.

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Neonridr2847d ago

in all fairness, exposing your eyes to a screen that close to your face can't exactly be "good" for your eyesight. That being said, VR hasn't really been studied in depth to determine long-term effects from using these devices.

The sickness part I can agree with. There are going to be tons of PS4 users talking about VR sickness, much like us Rift and Vive owners were experiencing earlier this year. Not everyone is prone to it, of course, but it definitely is a real thing.

Aloy-Boyfriend2847d ago

And it will go away in no time. That may the first VR experience.

I got a 3DS at launch and the 3D without glasses was a bit nauseating and eye straining, but I got used to it and play it full 3D

It happens.

Neonridr2847d ago

@XiKurapikaKurta - it definitely will go away with use, but it isn't something that might make you sick the first time and then the second time you are perfectly fine. If it affects you, usually it takes several uses in order for your body to get over it. Liken it to sea sickness, doubtful you cure it after one boat ride.

Rimeskeem2847d ago

In a way, this is just like modern medicine. We don't know the long term effects but we have simulators to help us out.

rainslacker2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Exposing your face to a screen at any close distance can cause eye problems. Like one's computer screen, phone screen, TV screen across the room, etc. Biggest problem. Eye strain, caused by the eye constantly trying to focus on a single spot for too long. This is particularly true with computer screens or in gaming, which is why not playing in dark rooms, or taking breaks is a good idea, otherwise it can cause headaches or dry eyes. Headaches go away when one takes breaks, dry eyes are remidied by taking breaks and not playing in darkened rooms.

Moral of the story....take breaks....like it's been recommended we do for decades now. I know when I started taking this advice, my problems with dry eyes, and headaches while playing games vanished.

And of course there will be tons of stories talking about VR sickness. Media loves to make any new exciting thing into a negative. Wonder if they'll actually be objective and tell people how to avoid it, or the real reasons it happens, or that it is generally temporary while one gets used to it. Or I wonder if they'll make it into something to try and sabotage the entire premise so they can fear monger out some clicks or views for their BS.

VR isn't like sea sickness. The reasons for it are different. Seasickness is caused by an actual imbalance on the pressure within the inner ear canals that cause humans to be able to stand up right. VR sickness is a mental state, where the brain needs to adjust to what it thinks should happen, but it doesn't happen. With VR, the vast majority of people can, and likely will, get over it after a few uses as the brain adapts.

Pandamobile2846d ago

I'm not a biologist or optometrist, but I'd wager that VR is actually better for your eyes than staring at a monitor. Having your eyes at a constant focus of 3 feet in front of your face fatigues the muscles in your eyes. In VR your eyes are actually seeing stuff in 3D, so your eyes have a more variable focal range.

I think the eye disease they mention is from people sharing VR headsets. If you've got pink eye, pls don't use anyone's VR kit.

extermin8or2846d ago

"can't exactly be good" what research are you basing that ob? Specifically vr related? What you think Sony, Facebook and valve and Google and Samsung have all pumped billions into VR tech and none of them conducted and commissioned independent studies on effects? I'm sure if you do a search through medical journals there will be many studies and clearlt for them to press ahead the negatives effected a tiny minority of people. There's also a reason most vr experiences are going to be focused on short experiences rather than full length games...

Neonridr2846d ago

@extermin8or - VR hasn't been around long enough in its current form to determine any long term effects associated with it. I was not claiming to be a doctor or anything. I am merely referring to the simple fact that having a screen that close to your face in which your eyes are constantly focusing and refocusing can lead to eye fatigue and strain. In the long run, who knows what could end up happening.

Garethvk2846d ago

There is a devicebcalled relief band that works well.

Neonridr2846d ago

@Garethvk - yeah, or ginger pills help some people too.

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Genuine-User2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

The title is pure clickbait. The leading eye surgeon cited in this story doesn't mention the PSVR even once. He is talking about the negative effects of virtual reality, regardless of platform.

For some unknown reason, Mirror has singled out the PlayStation VR platform in their title and the article.

G20WLY2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

The Mirror spouts lots of anti-PS BS lately and N4G laps it up. You watch, when MS finally gets VR - and they will - these articles will fail to draw attention. Believe it or not, our opticians and eye surgeons know a thing or two about EYES and the effects of screens on them. This is not the first foray into VR and it's not the first scaremongering article on the subject...

How many blind PC owners do we know about that over-used their Rift dev kits? Allow me to tell you: none. :^)

Also, a word of warning: videogames WILL make you fat. We're all fat, right??! Lol, it's all bollocks, just be sensible folks!

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S2Killinit2847d ago

Specialists are paid to say whatever a party in a litigation wants them to say. These guys are no different.

Neonridr2847d ago

like in the old days when *some* doctors would say that smoking was perfectly fine XD