Driveclub VR launches 13th October, with upgrade option for Season Pass owners

PlayStation Blog:
Hi everyone! Following last month’s announcement about the impending arrival of Driveclub VR and seeing the great response from fans who managed to get hands-on at Gamescom, we didn’t want to keep you waiting around much longer for a release date.

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S2Killinit2853d ago

Oh man here comes PSVR. Day one here. Already paid and ready to go.

yeahokwhatever2853d ago

wish i could find one to buy :-(

spaceg0st2853d ago

I've got 3 pre ordered... just incase someone wants one bad enough

G20WLY2853d ago

^It's because of people like you that others missed out on pre-orders.

Allsystemgamer2853d ago


Thanks. Now I have to wait longer to get one. They should have limited 1 per household because of dicks like you.

ion6662853d ago

nice. Thanks for thinking of us season pass customers.

II__BONE__II2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

This sucks donkey balls!
Being one of the "few" people that believed in this game,supported it and purchased it day one but opted out of the stupid "season Pass". I am being rewarded by having to buy the game ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!
The least Sony could have done was offer a patch even for a small fee I would have agreed but to pay full price all over again for a game that I already own and a game that got nothing but hate since day one,.......forget the Season Pass, I'll just pass.

MoonConquistador2853d ago

Cry me a river ffs. How much did you pay for drive club?

I have the full game (£20 with PS +) and the season pass (£10 on a sale) and I wasn't expecting anything extra from them for this VR gem they appear to have put together. I'm over the moon with the offer.

One of the "few" lol

FBNS2853d ago

I paid 60 at launch and I refuse to pay for season passes. Especially when an overwhelming majority of them are a waste of money. Not paying full price for a visual upgrade.

II__BONE__II2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Games in Canada at the moment are not cheap. At $69.99 a pop I do NOT feel like going out and spending $80 after tax for a GAME I ALREADY OWN!!!!!!!!
If that doesn't make sense to you you got problems.
Remember when GTA launched and online was was delayed for like a month? What if Rockstar came out and said "Ya we know you just bought the Campaign only version of GTA but now we are going to release it with online mode but you have to buy the full version of the game again at full price".
By your reasoning you agree with this.
Hello,... Grand Turismo.

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GryestOfBluSkies2853d ago

the season pass for driveclub was worth every penny. even before this announcement, there was a ton of stuff added regularly. its one of the only season passes i never regretted

G20WLY2853d ago

Yeah! You'll sure teach them, right? Who's laughing now, Sony??!

...or...you'll just miss out :|

But, still, in your face Sony, this guys not buying so you FAIL!!! Oh, please...XD

EpicSandwich2853d ago

Even without this guy they failed. Studio got shut down a

G20WLY2852d ago

Go take a look at the sales. Now go take a look at the people that still play it. Now compare that to, say Forza Horizon 2. Now see how ridiculous you're being and understand the value that this game has presented to anyone who bought it.

Cars, tracks, modes, visual and gameplay upgrades have all landed regularly since launch and all but a few cosmetics like fancy motors have been FREE. Does that sound like a fail to you? Even as a massive fanbaby you must now see how stupid you look. XD

Angeljuice2853d ago

The DriveClub season pass is probably one of the top 3 ever. You get so much content and it's really cheap.

Seems you are whining over nothing.

Clover9042853d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. I'll enjoy the demo, but will hold off buying a VR racing game until Gran Turismo drops. $40 to repurchase the game, and the fact that the devs said they were NOT taking advantage of PS4 Pro visual upgrades for VR, cemented the no-buy from me.

KickSpinFilter2852d ago

Shame was one of the better DLC packs for a game, never regretted buying this DLC.

Eonjay2852d ago

The choice is yours. No need to have a baby about it. If you don't want to pay, don't. There, I solved your problem :)

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masterfox459d ago

finally!, being waiting for this game since its announcement some years ago, so many objects on screen using physics running at 60 fps is always mesmerizing to see.

SullysCigar459d ago

Played the demo on PSVR2 - it's trippy as hell!

Knushwood Butt459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

Awesome. I had this on my PS wishlist and was going to buy it Day 1. Seen as I have Extra, now I don't need to!
PSVR2 support too.

Abnor_Mal459d ago

Platformers are not really my thing, but I guess I can try it out on PlusExtra. In VR2 to boot.