Big Download Hands-on: Champions Online Stronghold

The sight of the beacon cutting through Millennium City's fog-laden night sky sent spasms of fear coursing along the spines of evil-doers while simultaneously prompting the innocent to traverse the moonlit streets with confidence. The people of Millennium City, whether friendly or dastardly, know the symbol, a black computer mouse with its cord wrapped tightly around an Xbox 360 controller framed by a yellow backdrop -- they understand what it means.

Big Download Features Editor David Craddock sat quietly at his computer, pecking away at an article before whipping his head toward a flashing glass encasement on his desk. Within the case sat a telephone, presently glowing red. David lifted the lid, picked up the receiver, held it up to his ear, nodded once, twice, then replaced it. According to his contact at Cryptic Studios, supervillains from the Stronghold prison located in a southwestern desert, just a short distance from the abandoned robot carnival Snake Gulch, have conducted a mass breakout.

"The city needs me," David whispered. He ducked below his desk, rummaging for a few moments before emerging garbed in tight blue spandex. No longer Big Download's intrepid Features Editor, David became Might, a powerful warrior whose arms, back and legs are coated with jagged spikes, a savior to Millennium City whose chiseled six-pack quivers -- with the effort of sucking in his gut.

Straightening, Might threw open his window, carefully extended one leg, lost his balance, and toppled to the ground. Sobbing, Might began limping toward his destination: Champions Online's Stronghold prison. Care to join him? Read on.

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