CSM: Garfield's Fun Fest Review

CSM Writes:

"To play GARFIELD'S FUN FEST, Garfield and Odie traipse through sidescrolling levels in game using the Nintendo DS face buttons and D-pad. The touch screen is used only during the mini-games where you tap cue cards in time with the music. Like many 2-D platformers, this is a game where Garfield must walk and jump. If Garfield jumps on Odie, he can ride on Odie's back and the two combined can jump higher and farther than if Garfield is proceeding on his own. The action is all timed. One of the objectives is to find food for Garfield to eat to keep his strength up. If the pair fail, Garfield falls asleep and then Odie must find an alarm clock within a short period of time to wake him up. During the game, Garfield will swats spiders, dogs, and the occasional mailman."

"Garfield's Fun Fest is an uninspired game. This gameplay is repetitive and the levels are too short. There are no voice-overs and little very little sound. Except for the mini-game in which Garfield performs, there is no music."

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