GameDaily: Infinite Undiscovery Review

GameDaily Writes:

"It's not every day that Square Enix releases a game for Xbox 360, so we expected Infinite Undiscovery to be an original and exciting action RPG. What we received is a boring, by-the-numbers adventure that once again casts us as a weak and at times clueless young boy that must destroy evil. Menus are cluttered and difficult to navigate, since opening them does not pause the game, the voice actors sound goofy, the game makes awkward transitions from spoken to readable dialogue, the action slows down when there's a lot of action on screen and the bland outdoor scenery fails to pique our interests. We're not against replaying similar games. Nintendo abuses the young boy formula with the Zelda series, but we expect these games to feature addictive combat and a gripping narrative. Sadly, Infinite Undiscovery has neither."

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