Sony: We will include portable files on Blu-Ray DVDs

In this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a Sony official was quoted saying they are planning to include portable files on Blu-Ray discs that will in turn allow users to copy movies to laptops and other portable electronics.

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MicroGamer5233d ago

The Pirate Station 3 and Pirate Station Portable will be able to share Blu Ray movies!! Of course, once they leave the Blu Ray disc and make the move to Memory Stick, they aren't secure anymore. Yay, Sony!!

dissectionalrr5232d ago

thats a real smart move. i give hackers about 3 minutes to break that and then free high def downloads for everyone. good job. way to gain support for the studios....

djbassay2k55232d ago

i thought bluray was too expensive. no one is going to buy them.. HAH in order for any to crack this theyll have to buy a min of $1000 worht equip. i dont think any one has that much genorosity

DEIx15x85232d ago

Great, now what do i do when this DRM kills my computer?