IGN: TNA Impact! PS2 Review

There's no CAW; the moves are limited and repetitive; there's no online; clipping issues abound; the game is not pretty; the framerate dips; and above all, iMPACT! doesn't feel like real wrestling. The opponents never stay down long enough, they don't sell limb damage, there's an announce table and announcer voices (that are barely used) but no announcer bodies, there are no championship belts to wear or defend even though they're mentioned in the story, chairs are just sitting around the outside of the ring, there is no rope break, and every match is no count out/no DQ.

It's clear that the PlayStation 2 version of TNA iMPACT! was an afterthought.

Presentation - 6.0
Graphics - 5.5
Sound - 4.5
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 4,5
Overall -

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