Possible NX Price and Release Date

The date doesn’t look real, but the pricing sounds about right...

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iTechHeads2319d ago

Can we stop with desperate NX crap reporting?
Most of it is bullshit.

mikeslemonade2319d ago

Good. I like the price point.

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Vegamyster2318d ago

I think this is the 3rd article approved using the same screenshot from Tesco lol.

EddieNX 2319d ago

Placeholder estimates or just some knob who works for Tesco is just screwing with us on purpose...

2319d ago
ccgr2319d ago

They'd really miss Christmas? strange....

ElectricFeel2319d ago

This is the third article about this to appear on this site. Why do they keep getting approved, it's clearly a placeholder that they've made up.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2319d ago

people will believe anything about NX if something from anyone other than Nintendo

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