Infinite Undiscovery for the Xbox 360 is Better Than You've Heard

From the article: "Infinite Undiscovery's dithering protagonist resembles the sort of reluctant hero you'd love to slap. He absorbs insults like a punching bag but never punches back. He can't keep his neck straight or his fingers out of his hair, like a guy who's always reaching for a paper sack to pull over his face. He's able to skewer enemies with more aplomb than any of his battle-seasoned companions, but crumples under the withering warmth of a compliment. He's a hit with the ladies, but tactless on the small talk. It's a joke that goes on and on and finally peters out about halfway through tri-Ace's disarmingly winsome and fascinating tale about a madman who's somehow shackled the moon with sky-scraping chains and the band of heroes crisscrossing the planet to sunder them."

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I Make Stuff Up3718d ago

But at this stage the game needs all the help it can get, so let's allow it.

chaosatom3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

There are Tons and Tons of them.
Xbox getting a few more RPGS isn't hurting anyone.

I don't get is when a bad reviews come for an xbox, blogs and other reviewers start pointing fingers.

When it's a ps3 game, it's all good and bad reviewers like gamespot and eurogamer get away easily. .

heyheyhey3718d ago

or so one guy says... the game looks pretty average to me

TheDesperado3718d ago

Not a single JRPG on 360 has been worth anyone's time except Vesperia, and that'll be on PS3 next year. Star Ocean 4 too. Now that IU's flopped critically and commercially, Tri-Ace are gonna want to branch out to better hardware that sells more than 360 in Japan - the PS3.

Death3718d ago

Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Infinite Undiscovery are all very good games. If all you do is wait for the "next great game", you will spend more time waiting and less time playing.


Rock Bottom3718d ago

From the ones you mentioned only Lost Odyssey is worth playing, when a JRPG doesn't have a solid battle system, it can only be saved by a good story, Infinite Undiscovery lacks both so stop defending it.

marionz3718d ago

blue dragon was well worth my time, as was lost odessey, blue dragon was hugely under rated and an incredibly fun game, i loved every second of it and was left wanting more.

TheDesperado3717d ago

I just don't settle for sh!t like this generation of console owners has to (PS3's no JRPG heaven, and lolWii).

When Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and IU are being defended as even slightly good, you know you've got a problem.

DS and PSP will see me through to the PS3 jrpg revival.

AAACE53717d ago

Nice post Chaos atom!

Desporado just hates the 360 for no reason and wants it to fail!

You want these games to fail so badly on 360 that they get ported to Ps3... but why?

Have you ever thought that the Ps3 is about to get far better RPG's than anything on the 360?

Your post only shows that you are jealous that the 360 isn't the total flop you thought it would be and that things are happening that you didn't expect!

Ps3 will have it's great games... but that doesn't mean other games can't have theirs as well!

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Shaka2K63718d ago

xflop 360 cant handle real next gen. RPG's.

pwnsause3718d ago

it was the superior version on the PS3.

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