Three Speech - The Path To Success.

When a brand new console is released onto the gaming market, it is typically a very big occasion. People cheer or sneer, lines form, eBay makes a nice profit and the console sells like mad. This was no different with the release of the PS3 this past holiday season.

What occurs afterwards is what will determine the console's place in history.Will it go on to sell record numbers and entertain million and millions around the world? Will it sell a decent amount only to be forgotten in years gone by and after newer and better systems are released? Will it live up to its promises, surpass them, or wallow in guilt and grief?

Make no mistake, even coming off a record number of sales with the PS2, Sony has a very hard road ahead of it. No company in the history of gaming has won three generations in a row. Usual paths to downfall include pride and arrogance. Nintendo at one point had over 90% market share, only to drop to just 60% the following generation and lose the lead to Sony the next at roughly 30%. The gaming industry is one of the toughest to compete in. What may seem obvious years later could have been a great idea at the time...

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MicroGamer5232d ago

"People cheer or sneer, lines form, eBay makes a nice profit and the console sells like mad."

The only problem is, PS3 isn't selling like mad. In fact, sales are negative because everyone is returning them.

Syko5232d ago

This is a fair piece, I was actually gonna post this but PS3 fan beat me to it. Reading through it however you relize the mountain Sony is trying to climb. I have a hard time believing Sony will be able to turn it around in time to beat a M$ price cut. I really liked the part when he explained the original Xbox outselling the PS2 for a month then tying it the next month all due to a $30 price drop from M$. As I forgot M$ ever had the price advantage over Sony. Until Sony, 2 months later matched the $150 price tag and continued its dominance. This is what im trying to beat into you Sony's, is that the public couldn't care about the little difference in graphics even if the PS3 turns out looking a little better. It's gonna be about price in the end and this is where Sony just can't compete. M$ will continue to hammer them on price no matter what Sony does, Even you Diehards know this. I'm sorry no matter what side your on a 360 for $299 or less is a hell of a deal plus all the $20 games they will have by that time the choice will be clear for the "Casual Consumer" buying it for their kids. Good luck Sony you will need it, IMO!

mephixto5231d ago

Mmmhh if I remember well people return tons of Xbox360 because manufacturing defects.Some IGN editors are in their 3rd Xbox360

Grown Folks Talk5230d ago

exchange/replace and return are 2 different things.

Monchichi0255230d ago

That's funny....I bought my 360 at launch, play it everyday and I have never had a problem with it. 360 Rocks!!!

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