All is Fair in Love and Console Wars: Sony and Nintendo

CD-ROM vs Cartridge. Two analog sticks vs one. 32-bit vs 64-bit. From the N64 to the original Xbox, Part 2 of All is Fair in Love and Console Wars discusses history in the early 3D era of video games and how it affected the industry's future.

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Lazybones20202851d ago

I had to give mine away as a child. Whenever I got my first job I used my first paycheck to buy another one!

Player3Podcast2851d ago

I remember the Christmas where N64 or PlayStation 1 was the war waging in my brain for months leading up.

Lazybones20202851d ago

The N64 was my first gaming console! It was bundled with Super Smash Bros. That franchise is a fantastic entry point for anyone looking to enjoy videogames because of the wealth of characters and franchises represented. My PlayStation 1 was mainly a Capcom machine! It was given to me as a gift along with Mega Man X4 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. I eventually purchased Mega Man X6, which remains my favorite in the series. Lots of nostalgia for that game.

Jared8Randall2851d ago

always wondered the difference between cartridge and cd

Lazybones20202851d ago

Its really interesting! Especially considering that the NX may be going back to cartridges as an alternative to keeping all games installed on a hard drive.

Skaymore2849d ago

Oh Nintendo, if you'd only used discs for the Nintendo PlayStation...

Lazybones20202849d ago

It is pretty crazy to think about the kind of gaming world we would be living in if Nintendo did decide to collaborate with the Nintendo PlayStation!


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