NBA 2K17 Patch v1.03 Released on PlayStation 4; Xbox One & PC Coming Soon

2K Sports has just released the latest NBA 2K17 patch on PlayStation 4, which includes a whole bunch of bug fixes, gameplay adjustments, tweaks and improvements. The patch v1.03 weighs in at 7.1 GB. See it the complete patch notes here.

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xsjoe312317d ago

They need to nerf 3 point shooting so bad. In Pro-Am, I rarely see anyone take a midrange shot. It seems like in this game, it's either 3point shot or dunk.

Lexiiii2317d ago

I agree. Those new post moves are useless without revamping the gameplay. For now it heavily favors jump shooting for real. My team once play against a team on Proam with 5 players shooting 3s.

zerogotit2317d ago

Thats pretty much how it is in real life unless you play organized basketball. You either shoot 3s or dunk/lay it up. No in between lol

lildudexst2317d ago

Ahh yes they fix the my park major problem it had. It broken the game for at a least a week. Patch came out of nowhere. I'm dunking now I'm offline on the game. Like noooo wtf ,I'm doing so so good ahhhhh noooooo

Lexiiii2317d ago

when are they gonna release it xbox?

kuri12317d ago

No ETA. Last year in 2K16 they usually come 2 days after the release on PS4.

kuri12317d ago

Wow I need to unlock some Hall of Fame badges now that the Grand badges work in park.