Darkest Dungeon Review: A Feeling of Overwhelming Accomplishment - Game Insider

The constant state of despair and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment this title gives is simply amazing. It is truly a unique title that's offering a different twist on the traditional dungeon crawl experience. Darkest Dungeon is truly among this year's best titles.

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S2Killinit2818d ago

I would have never touched this game had it not been for the comments people leave about how great it is.

quent2818d ago

The game really is something else, just wish the devs would slightly nerf the stress penalties on the heroes or add the same kind of stress penalties to certain enemies, but I guess It would leaves room for exploiting.

opinionated2818d ago

It's crashed twice on me in an hour! Garbage port! Xcom 2 is choppy as hell too. C'mon guys! With your crappy PC ports! 2 great games but the performance issues are awful.

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josephayal2818d ago

this game is far better than FF15

sdcard4gb2818d ago

Final Fantasy XV may be a result of unfortunate tranformation for the series, but you are basically comparing a pepper pizza to a pack of Cheetos.

josephayal2817d ago

Pack of chee-meh! I prefer turn based rpg's

NotoriousWhiz2818d ago

I've got a pretty serious backlog of Rpgs. Not sure if I want to add to it at this time.

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ChronoJoe228d ago

Inscrpytion should be higher and I think BPM deserves a mention.


Top 10 Best Video Games Like DnD (Dungeons & Dragons)

Twinfinite: "In the mood for a Dungeons and Dragons-like experience? We've got you covered. Inside, we run down ten of the best. Let's get into it!"

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Christopher759d ago

Best Video Games Like D&D. Includes two games that are literally using the D&D ruleset and have WotC D&D branding and one that uses the D&D 3.5 ruleset with custom classes (Pathfinder).

I really wish authors would spend more time explaining and detailing things rather than being so focused on throwing a list together for yet another opinion piece. There's a ton you can say about all of these games and their ties to Pen and Paper roleplaying. Other than Armello, all of the listed games are inspired by various PnP RPGs, including Warhammer for one of them. Obsidian alone got much of their start in classic D&D RPGs and Dragon Age was their own take on many of their past creations molded into one that was even turned into a PnP game.