GWN Review: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

GWN: "Unlike Mario's more recent role-playing-ish romps, Super Mario RPG plays much more like a traditional RPG. All battles are turn-based as you fight with up to a party of three, with the option of swapping characters in and out. You'll also obtain different spells, weapons, armor and accessories just like you would in pretty much any Square RPG circa 1996. That's not to say Mario RPG lacks platform elements, as you still collect plenty of coins, bop question mark blocks and engage in a plethora of addictive jump-based minigames.

Aside from being the first joint venture between two of the biggest titans in the gaming industry, Mario RPG pretty much established timed button presses in RPGs (pressing buttons at the right time will give attacks more power or halve damage to your characters) and was also the first team-up of arch-nemeses Mario and Bowser, as they battle the minions of the Smithy Gang to reclaim the seven stars of the Star Road. Several brand new Mario characters also made their first and, sadly, only appearance in this game, which is littered with throwbacks to past Mario and Final Fantasy games."

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