No 1080p for Motor Storm

Between a speech by Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior VP of marketing, and a Sony representative both indicating MotorStorm would debut in the US at 60 frames per second and supporting 1080p resolutions, the Internet's been ablaze with speculation about the off-road racer. Too bad it's all for nothing, as SCEA told 1UP that MotorStorm is most definitely 30fps and remains at a HD resolution of 720p.

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assjacket5234d ago

You mean a Sony Rep told the public something that was totally untrue!!!?? Thats gotta be a first! *note the extreme sarcasm*

FordGTGuy5234d ago

that is one of the most backed up by Sony to be taken down another level. Well Sony you've done it again over promising and under delivering even if it is a mistake or not. Is Microsoft exec any better with information well truthfully not much but not a mistake as big as this one.

marionz5234d ago

who really cares anyway it dont look all that great anyway

testerg355234d ago

And DJ took Sony's word on it!

DJ5234d ago

because Evolution Studios never announced this, despite being such a huge feature if it was true. Glad this was cleared up. Of course, people are going to swoop in and say for the millionth time "Sony Lies!". Though, it would only count if Sony didn't come back to journalists and state "It was an error. It's actually ____". Lying means that they not only make a mistake, but refuse to acknowledge that the mistake ever occured. They obviously acknowledged the mistake,'s not 'lying'.

Hate to break it to some of the fanatics, but all companies are deceitful to some degree. In fact, Nintendo was one of the worst back in the day. =/