DriveClub Dev Excited About Xbox Scorpio, DriveClub VR Not Utilizing Full Power of PS4 Pro

New hardware launches are always exciting for everyone in the industry- regardless of where they draw the line in the sand as brand allegiances go. And with so many new hardware launches coming up - the PS4 Pro, the PSVR, the Nintendo NX, and of course, Microsoft's Xbox One Scorpio - it's an exciting time for everyone in the industry at large.

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Twignberries2854d ago

Click bait heading.. not even going to read the article

Fishy Fingers2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Wouldn't call it clickbait, assume you believe so as it refers to the Scorpio, a dirty word on N4G.

Regardless, it's just a few generic twitter answers to generic twitter questions. Basically the norm from gamingbolt, a waste of bandwidth.

LexHazard792854d ago

How exactly is it click bait?


#1 "DriveClub Dev Excited" driveclub devs do not exist anymore
#2 "DriveClub VR Not Utilizing Full Power of PS4 Pro" its not suppose to it has to be playable on the original ps4 expecially being VR
#3 its gamingbolt.

Twignberries2854d ago

"DriveClub Dev Excited About Xbox Scorpio"

I mean come on dude... seriously??
Of course they are going to say something positive about the opposition at some point. It's called class. But it's an insignificant snippet taken out of a bigger context clearly, and definitely not news worthy mate..

Chris122854d ago

@Warnut - the Driveclub dev's are alive and well, it's the studio that doesn't exist anymore.

poppinslops2854d ago

Two clickbait headlines for the price of one? Well played, Gamingbolt - the console wars just wouldn't be the same without you...

OT: It'll be interesting to see what the Evolution crew can do with these souped-up consoles - Yeah, Driveclub was a mediocre racer, but it was also a very pretty game... here's hoping they can go back to the MX vs ATV series - those were some fun games and it's not as though any other studios are doing anything along those lines.

UCForce2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I disagree with you about Driveclub being mediocre.

Edit : The game was rough on launch. People was bashing this game crazy. Halo Master Chief Collection also had a rough launch, but people didn't bashing the game really. Driveclub was getting update and it improved more than MCC. Driveclub VR is getting a positive feedback from critics and fans. But in the end, it your opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

poppinslops2854d ago

To be fair, I've only ever played an unpatched version of Driveclub (a friend with no internet was borrowing a PS4), which was the definition of a mediocre racer... I assume the years of updates have improved things, but I doubt they've made it great - Sony wouldn't have booted them otherwise.

Fishy Fingers2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Let's be honest the game is in MUCH better shape today than it was at launch, or for a considerable period of time after launch to be more accurate.

That aside, its was never the best racing game, the reviews and general consumer feedback reflect that. An ok game hiding under fantastic visuals. IMO.

game4funz2854d ago

Um. MCC was bashed. A lot.

And lets get our facts straight.
MCC came out completely fine with 4 games at 40$
The only problem with MCC was the online. Which was later fixed.

I played all 4 campaigns with my friend split screen Co op. Not a single issue.

How is it that people bash halo 5 because of the campaign and ignore how good the multiplayer is but then ignore all the campaigns in halo MCC and only look at the multiplayer. It's very confusing.

SniperControl2854d ago


Alot of people on here are still needlessly bashing DC based on two year old views, so well done for admitting that, alot of peeps on here never would. :)

DC rightfully deserved those crappy reviews as the launch was a disaster, dispite the online issues, the SP worked well but was still confounded by aggressive AI and strong rubber banding, but over the two years since, Sony and EVO have worked hard to turn DC into a amazing racer which deserves a second chance from those gamers that dismissed it back then.

Such a damn shame that Evo were wound up as Driveclub 2 would have been an amazing game building upon today's Driveclub.

Wallstreet372854d ago


It would be a fanboy troll like you to lie about MCC issues lol hahaha gtfo with that bs. Halo MCCs issues were mainly a broken online that didn't work at all for many months then hardly for over a year (that in itself makes it worse than DC situation). But sp also had bugs and performance issues so don't lie to yourself. And even with that reviewers gave it a pass and scored it high. DC so worked flawless at launch only issue was online that still worked but was broken to a point. Few months later DC online was stable and working, few months later Halo MCC online was still broken even after a year it had issues. Same reviewers that reviewed Halo high (mp centric game at that) didn't take online being honked into their scoring but when they reviewed DC everybody didn't see the solid so but reviewed it low due to online issues.

Gamers4fun please stop with the revisionist history and changing details yo suit your agenda, its lame and corny.

Goldby2854d ago


do you know what a contradiction is?

You cant say the Halo MCC was completely fine then proceed to say only issue was online MP. if that isn't working then the game couldn't have been completely fine. would have been mostly fine or almost perfect working order.

People bash the campaign for Halo 5 because of the shady and shitty marketing Xbox for it, implying a completely different story then what was actually in the game. That would be like Forza advertised as is and when you guy it, turns out its more of a MArio KArt style game.

Wallstreet372854d ago


Let me just shut you down :) Campaign had many many issues. Basically the game was a bug, glitchfest, in every aspect for over a year lol


rainslacker2854d ago

What I found amusing about the DC reviews, was that it scored quite well for the early reviews that came out, where the reviewers were able to play it without the server issues. The server issues came when the server population became too much for the servers to handle, not that the actual code running in game to access the servers was flawed to the point of being broken in game.

Many reviewers changed their score due to this issue, and that issue went quite a ways on the actual meta score of the game, and general perceptions of the games worth. Most people didn't really talk about the quality of the racing SP stuff, outside the punishing AI/penalty factors.

Not that the game was the best racing game ever made, but reviews in general were quite good until after the launch.

In contrast, Halo:MCC which had similar online issues, and even flaws in the actual SP campaign, still got high scores. Most of the discontent came from the consumers, but outside of some publications which decided to not give free passes, MCC got rated higher while having similar or the same issues as DC.

DC today has been updated and improved so much it's hardly even the same game. Even the core mechanics and AI got better over time, not to mention some great features added over time. The additonally added content by being a season pass owner....which was relatively cheap to accomplish due to the initial reaction to the game....make it one of the best deals in racing games this generation. DC could have really ranked up there as a major competitor in racing games on consoles, but as it stands, I think it'll always be marred by it's less than stellar launch. Not sure how/if Sony is going to pursue the IP further. I hope they do, even if it's just to make more season passes for the game. It's a shame that Evo won't be making those expansions, but I still play the game regularly, and would love new content.

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Gitgud2854d ago

MEDIOCRE?! you dunno nothing slops.

Angeljuice2854d ago

Yeah, it is one of the top games of the generation.
Completely gutted about Evolution, they stand head and shoulders above the other racing devs. Motorstorm and DriveClub are enequalled.

rainslacker2854d ago

Even their description is click baity. Notice the "and of course....Xbox One", as if that is somehow separated and distinctive to the topic at hand, thus implying it is the most significant and meaningful hardware launch within the lineup listed for new upcoming hardware?

One may say the topic at hand is about Scorpio, but it seems to be more about DC:VR and PS4P and PSVR, so why single out Scorpio?

We all know the answer is because GB loves MS.

freshslicepizza2854d ago

developers are always excited about extra power at their disposal

Hoffmann2854d ago

Another gamingbolt article by Rashid..another clickbait headline.

AAWELLS092854d ago

My god the comments here are so hilariously childish. So embarrassing. Bunch of babies. Cant believe people spend so much time vigorously typing away about dumb sh**

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