Forza Horizon 3 is An Amazing... Walking Simulator?

Nick de Bruyne from Pennyworth Reviews writes: "The world of Forza Horizon 3 is so impressive that it feels like it could pass for a legitimate open world that you could play in as a person walking around, just like Skyrim or Fallout. Well, if Skyrim had some sexy cars in it."

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Ognipode2856d ago

When you look at how much detail is actually in the world, it feels like these worlds could almost be sold off to other developer's to build other games inside of them. I felt that way about GTA V. Just like, get tons of Indie developers to make smaller games set in your world.

TheCommentator2856d ago

I've thought about games within games before, like if you went to an NFL game inside an open world you could be watching someone playing Madden. Your thoughts remind me of what Sony envisioned with Home as well.

You know, the other day I heard rumors pop up again that Playground is up to something besides Horizon though. I'd first heard the rumor about a year ago and it went dark. Let's face it though, an open world adventure with Forza customization and physics would be massive!

christocolus2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

The game looks so real. for a few secs, I actually thought this was real life. https://youtu.be/dzz1TQ4rkG...

CrimzonRazor2855d ago

Lol home what a disaster that was

EazyC2856d ago

GTA V's world size vs. the fact there's no SP DLC is still painful everytime I play. SO much effort went into making that world it's absurd.

Goldby2855d ago

Till being utilized for online which is where the money is which mean thats where the focus is

2855d ago

Exactly! I was thinking this last night, I was looking at a drip loop on a power line when it attached to a house and thought to myself, most open world fps's don't even think about that, they just draw the line to the side and that is it... crazy!

Movefasta19932856d ago

A lot of people may disagree with me,but i think horizon 3 is the greatest technical achievement this gen.IDK how a 1.3 tf console could handle all that at 1080/30.

Ognipode2856d ago

It's a great point you make, but it also makes me think that just like how Uncharted 4 is just UNBELIEVABLY good looking on PS4, it's as much about an insane level of visual trickery than it is about even optimisation or power. With Forza Horizon they have a ton of pop-in and scaling models that are just handled so very well that its very tough to even see it happening. Forza Motorsport 6 looked really great on XBO too, but the pop-in and shifting model complexity is very noticeable in that.

Still, it's all just wow. We have reached the level of visuals that we used to fantasize about as kids.

DaDrunkenJester2856d ago

Although not taking away from the greatness that is UC4... It is a linear cinematic experience compared to an open world online game.

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Movefasta19932856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I agree uc4 and horizon 3 show that these consoles still have a lot to offer. Or it just shows that the devs working on them are magicians lel.

Majister-Ludi2855d ago

Except uncharted is a straight shot linear game with script pieces where as this has an open world. Apples and oranges.

CrimzonRazor2855d ago

Does it use the cloud for extra power I

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zb1ftw7772856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Because DDR3 ram can stream data faster than GDDR5 ram.

Open World games have the advantage on XB1 over PS4 due to GDDR5 needing data to be preloaded rather than streamed.

PS4 owners tend to ignore these facts though.

Goldby2856d ago

DDR3 is faster at transfering small amounts of data, GDDR5 is faster for larger amounts of data transferring

CernaML2855d ago

Is that why open world games tend to perform better on the PS4?

CrimzonRazor2855d ago

Please dont say things using facts it makes the fanboys mad because they cant argue facts so they just downvote

JackBNimble2855d ago

Are you really going to try to say ddr3 is better then gddr5... Especially for gaming?

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TheCommentator2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I'm not here to start a DX12 debate, but MS did say that DX12 would offer some improvements on console, and that it would make it easier to tap into the things that XB1 is designed to be good at. Remember also that one can only relate TF to TF if the architectures are exactly the same. If the architectures are different, like AMD vs. Nvidia for example, then some types of code work better on each GPU which is often demonstrated in performance benchmarks.

That said, FH3 is astoundingly detailed, buttery smooth, and hella fun!

Nathan_Hale532856d ago

I don't think so. Once you stop the car, the game doesn't look very good. In motion it looks fantastic, but again, you stop it just doesn't look that great.

2856d ago
CrimzonRazor2855d ago

Your talking a massive load of bull crap here dude get real

EpicSandwich2855d ago

Best looking game I have ever seen or played

2855d ago
Nathan_Hale532849d ago

I am dead serious. Just stop and all the background objects look like crap and some other things just don't look that nice. Still looks great but not the best I have seen or played.

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christocolus2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I was just discussing this with some users on the Xbox one sub reddit. I think Forza Horizon 3s environments would be a great setting for an open world third person adventure game. The forests, city , canyons...and the beach. The environment is incredibly detailed. It's so stunning. you forget you are playing a racing game.

jmetalhead778122856d ago

I can't tell you how many times I've run into trees, or guard rails because of being mesmerized by the beautiful environment settings... It's such a rare feat whether it being a movie or video game franchise, that they get better and better with each installment. FH 2 was such an awesome game, but 3 is leaps and bounds better... Just a flat out amazing game!!

FlyShootRaceSims2856d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is the perfect setting for a Mechwarrior or Mech Assault game.

Perjoss2856d ago

Its a really impressive world, when I first fired up the game I thought I'd go offroad for a bit just to see how much freedom you have away from the roads, but the very first forest I came across stopped me in my tracks as it was so good looking, and I just went directly into photo mode :D

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Profchaos2856d ago

The bush is to dense to drive through in reality so there's that