Why you shouldn't get excited about 4K and HDR gaming, at least not yet

The new PS4 Pro and Xbox One S game consoles finally bring us into the era of high-resolution 4K and high dynamic range gaming. But just barely.

threefootwang2856d ago

Insightful read. The article brings up some good points about 4K and HDR. It'll be very interesting to see how this evolves over the next couple of years.

NewMonday2856d ago

all hands on with the 4Pro are positive and report a clear visible improvement to visuals.

watched the 4Pro game demos on my 4KTV and they are all fantastic, Horizon was so pristine now I can't play it on anything other than the 4Pro.

Uncharted4 waiting for a new run on day1 with the PS4Pro

UltraNova2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I guess your 4K TV is HDR ready? Which brand/model did you get?

Edit: @ bellow

Because most 4K TVs I've seen in shops do not support HDR hence why me asking NewMonday....cant a guy ask a question around here?

Babadook72855d ago (Edited 2851d ago )


Why would you guess that?

Edit: yah. I don't know what he said that would sound like his 4K tv was hdr. The videos he talked about looked superb on my non hdr 4K tv.

ONESHOTV22855d ago

NewMonday-- not trolling but how many times do you want to play through uncharted that has the no change to the gameplay when you have played it already. any way the pro is the console i will buy becuase it's finally some where close to my rig for now, i dont really need a scorpio becuase i'm already in the xbox community with windows 10, so sony is finally going to get my 400$ or i could be spiteful and buy it used i'm already tipping towards going used so i will see what sony has to show.

NewMonday2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

sadly no, got the kd65x9004 over a year ago, has extended dynamic range that has very high contrast and local dimming but the hardware will not allow the HDR signal, needs specific processing hardware apparently.

and if you are shopping for an HDR TV look out for HDR10, backlight with local dimming and input lag in HDR mode, ask for the manuals and read the fine print.

post game you get modifiers that make the game even more fun, played a couple of stages then held off waiting for the 4Pro

Ozmoses2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I dunno... 4K/HDR Tech is all about what size you can get.....

I mean if you want to boil it all down... when you start comparing this 4K to that 4K and this HDR to that HDR the average person isn't going to see a difference. they're just going to know it looks good.

basically the best 4K/HDR tech is in the biggest sized models

I'm about to buy the Samsung UN40KU7000 40" 4K Ultra HD with HDR/Active Crystal Color. To try and help highlight the difference the newest and best Samsung Tv's are SUHD/use Quantam Dot Technology and not Active Crystal Color


Like I said it's not the latest and greatest 4K/HDR but I'm limited to space and can only get a 40"

Other than that just do your research... For example the TV I linked only gets the HDR through 1 of it's 3 available HDMI ports

Also the tv I linked has only 21 milliseconds of input lag for gaming with 4K/HDR being used.. (game mode turned on obviously) (21 ms input lag is EXTREMELY GOOD)

If you can't get the 55 or 60 inch tv's then you won't ever have the highest form of 4K/HDR...... so it's basically just about what size tv you have space for and whether or not your eyes are good enough to notice the difference between this 4K/HDR vs that 4K/HDR... and of course personal preference.... I feel for example the new Quantam Dot Technology on the samsungs is too much of a color explosion and makes it loook super fake...

to date the TV I linked is the best 40" TV samsung has available....

Rhezin2855d ago

not enough improvement to justify a new console price tag. Wait for PS5.

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badz1492855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

"Not yet"?

So...without reading the article, the author think it's better to wait until Scorpio comes?

Edit: not quite, but it does sound like it's saying "don't expect too much from the PS4 Pro"

Unspoken2855d ago

"Don't expect [native 4K] with the PS4 Pro" Scorpio with more power is a slighty better bet. We'll have to wait and see.

Angeljuice2855d ago

Maybe read the article first, rather than guess what it was about?

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Neonridr2856d ago

CODBLOPS 9: Mission to Maui confirmed!

n1kki62855d ago

I have a 4k hdr tv and a monster pc and an xbox one s with a ps4 pro on preorder. Is it ok for me to enjoy?

ecchiless2855d ago

No, how dare you to try and enjoy it....