Gran Turismo Sport Hands On - Did It Lose Its Soul?

I've played Gran Turismo Sport at EGX 2016 and now, as a long time fan of the series, I'm left to wonder whether it's lost what made me a fan.

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UCForce2441d ago

Such a shame. I guess the game got delayed to 2017.

Dario_DC2441d ago

Is this guy b*tching because the game's full on simulation? This is what GT is all about! This is the only game in the world where you can play and become a REAL racing driver and this idiot want's it to be more arcade?! FFS!! This is not the game for you, go play something else.

ApocalypseShadow2439d ago

That's pretty much it. GT started out as kind of like an RPG. And moved beyond the games of the day of arcade style racing. It has now become a driving simulator with license trials,academies and competition.

It's become international with gamers becoming real drivers, real concept cars are made based off of polyphony's input, real auto shows and dealers who respect the developer for respecting their cars and real organizations giving their approval like the FIA.

But the shallow gamers who aren't car nuts expect GT to play more like a videogame. Easy to control, flashy cars, jet planes flying overhead, confetti with balloons and overbearing sound that exaggerates. Even rewind when you fail. Leading to a spinoff game of the same name where gamers tear through fields, deserts, forests, beaches, etc while smashing through fences, trees, hay, etc. Fun? Yes. But obviously catering to the casual because realism is boring and mundane to them.

One game produces better driving, real racers, real concept cars and real licenses. And the other two are just videogames. So the hate comes from the fact that polyphony refuses to cater to their shallow needs. Doesn't mean they're not fun. But there is clearly a difference of what results out of the two franchises. And that's neglecting any sales numbers.

Kashima2441d ago

i like all GT's its my favorite racing sim series, i don't care about the others opinion.