Cisco To Sues Apple Over Use Of iPhone Trademark.

Cisco is suing Apple Computer for trademark infringement in a US federal court, for using the iPhone name.

Apple launched its new handheld device under the iPhone name on Tuesday, at the Macworld event in San Francisco.

Following the launch Cisco said it hoped to resolve the matter by Tuesday evening after negotiations.

Apple responded by saying the lawsuit was "silly" and that Cisco's trademark registration was "tenuous at best".

"We think Cisco's trademark lawsuit is silly," Apple spokesman Alan Hely said. "There are already several companies using the name iPhone for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) products."

"We are the first company to ever use the iPhone name for a cell phone, and if Cisco wants to challenge us on it we are very confident we will prevail."

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MicroGamer5237d ago

Apple asked permission to use the name, Cisco said 'no', Apple went ahead and used it anyway. Why would they ask permission to use the name if they did not acknowledge that it was trademarked?? They showed a blatant disregard for a trademark that they had prior knowledge of.

Marty83705237d ago

iTV trademark will be next.A Uk TV company own that name.Apple think they own everything.They need knocking down a peg or two.

BIadestarX5237d ago

I guess they are planning to buy it. ipod got lucky with the name. after that everything that start with "i" is taken. lol! iboy, isee, ifan, ia$$, inutz, iradio, imusic, itoy, i<insert here>

xbox nerd5237d ago

I have a Zune, there so much better, because there made by Ms, it can plays songs and videos how amazing is that huh, can you please tell me what is better

calderra5236d ago

Cisco already has a product on the market, and it's already CALLED an "iPhone", and it's been in service for quite a while.

THAT's where the issue is coming from. It would be hard to find a more clear case of patent infringement. And yes, "iTV" is already taken, and Apple's going to try to dump on that one too.

And yes, Apple needs knocked down a peg or two here. You just can't do this stuff- see also, they have (ongoing?) lawsuits with Creative over interfaces they stole, and (etc).

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