Is 2008 the year of the PS3?

Since its launch, the PS3's momentum has been sluggish at best, with the exception of the large spike generated in June due to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. The head start Microsoft got in releasing its next gen console, and its early slew of great exclusives such as Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Gears of War and Halo 3, among others, yielded many early adopters who have begun their next gen libraries on the Xbox 360 and have no great reason to shell out for another expensive console. This year may be poised to change that.

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HighDefinition3717d ago

Sony has stepped up to "the plate" HUGE in 2008, betweem 08 releases and annoucing things for 09. They have more games in 2009 announced than a system that has been out a year longer.

socomnick3717d ago

lol in terms of releases no of course not, It was up until they canceled or delayed a bunch of their 08 tittles. Now they only have lbp and res 2 this fall, that is going up against Gears 2 and fable 2. I can always say its the year of the xbox 360 again but people have different tastes in games. If we were to go by hype though its definitely the year of the 360 gears 2 is much more popular than Resistance.

jwatt3717d ago

I think with Blu Ray winning, Mgs4, LBP and the release of Home and just a complete turn around from the previous year you could say it was the year of the ps3.

nbsmatambo3717d ago

yes to both hardware and software

Hagaf223717d ago

only two of those have happened thus far and the ps3 is ahead in sales month to month(blu-ray and mgs4), wait until more big hitters come about, socom will be big amongst ps2 socom lovers and will be a reason for them to buy a ps3, lbp is going to be big for all gamers, then shooter fans have their choice of upcoming hits on ps3, theres alot more instore for the ps3 this year.

Palodios3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I don't know. It really looked like things were shaping up when blu-ray won, but Sony really hasn't been delivering much lately. What was the last decent (and full-sized) first-party game released? We'll see LBP, R2, and Socom from them this fall, but besides that, not much. Home seems like its never getting here, trophy support has been dismal so far, they lost FF13 exclusivity, the unthinkable happened and a fps from Free Radical bombed (seriously, its like the first time ever) no pricecuts and the lack of backwards compatibility, and the rpg lineup has been nonexistant.

I only own a ps3, and although MGS4 was pretty sweet, its been a lackluster year from Sony. There is just so much more in the pipeline that has me excited, GOW3, Infamous, MAG, HR, Killzone, GT5 full, WKC, Team Ico projects, not to mention that I doubt we'll see really GREAT LBP levels for a while. my verdict, 2008 is going to be a solid year for the ps3, much better than 2007, but it still can only go up in 2009.

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Gordii3717d ago

Its the Year of the Rebound next year will be even better 1st year of any Sony Playstation always sucks then it always gets better duh.

belal3717d ago

yes ;)

stupid article, this and next year is the year of the ps3.

ps3 in 08/ 09

little big planet, socom confrontation, naruto ultimate ninja storm, resistance 2, tekken 6, bioshock, home, killzone 2, gow 3, heavy rain, mag, infamous,ffvs13,uncharted 2, ratchet and clank , new rockstar games and many more !!!!!!

Apocalypse Shadow3717d ago

the system and the innovative games and accessories like the pseye just create this momentum that can't be bested by microsoft.if microsoft would have invested more in themselves than others,maybe things would be different.

but i expect sony to outsell microsoft from now on even when we said this before ps3 launch.every thing that was bagged on has come back to haunt microsoft.

fans might call it choice,but analysts and ps3/wii gamers would say microsoft has done too much "REACTING" to the competition than "ACTING."and that is not a sign of an industry "LEADER."

strange being that they have so much money but not care about developing 360 as a true brand.just payoffs and hope.

sony will take 2008 even at a higher price.and TGS will be another reason why.


BubblesDAVERAGE3717d ago

Its been two years of ps3 dominance becaus ps3still sold more consoles last year