FF4 DS Fails to dent UK Charts - Square pins hopes on Dragon Quest

Numbers from Chart Track have shown that Final Fantasy IV DS failed to chart on the week of it's release. Square-Enix is now hoping it's third new release in two weeks, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen can perform better than FF4 DS did...

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mohib-uddin79865323743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I knew this would flop

You shouldnt sell out or lie to your fanbase !

Lucreto3743d ago

I bought it and should get it in the next day or two.

PS360WII3743d ago

Which fanbase? Square Enix or Sony... because you sound like the later

AAACE53742d ago

For once I agree with you! Square enix should not have sold out. They should have left the Final Fantasy games on a "NINTENDO" system!

Oh, you did know that they started on nintendo right?

BTW... most people still have the GBA version which sold well!


Chris Hansen3743d ago

When will SE learn we don't care about ports/remakes on portables. If they don't want them to flop, then do it on current gen systems.

AAACE53742d ago

But all I really want them to do is release FFX on 360! All the others as well as FFX can go to Ps3. It should increase sales for the consoles especially if they update the graphics!

PS360WII3743d ago

Well least SE is very happy with FFIV sales for both US and Japan. To bad EU doesn't like an awesome RPG

Fox013743d ago

Europeans are smart; you can have FFIV for free on an emulator.

PS360WII3743d ago

Yeah the old SNES version but honestly this remake was pimped out to make that one not even comparable. It really is a big and nice upgrade.

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

you love games and also like to destroy that world.

I'm from europe and i got it for my DS and I LOVED IT.

kazuma3743d ago

i think where square enix failed in both ff3 and ff4 was the fact that they made the games 3d to appeal to a new audience but they didn't change the core gameplay (lots and lots of random encounters) in an effort to really change the game.
while the graphics may interest new gamers that do not know final fantasy, once they start playing it, many are put off by so many battles while roaming outside of the villages or in dungeons.
while i didn't find anything wrong with that, i've been gaming for a long time. some of my friends which are casual gamers with access to a ds are not even interested in ff3/4 because of this. they should have had 2 options to start the game, new game and new game 2007/2008 or something like that, where they should have tweaked the rate of those random encounters.

Bladeslayer3743d ago

Granted i like Square Enix I've always loved their games but as far as all of these ports and remakes they are making i don't think anyone really needs them and besides have they ever considered that mostly everyone that owns a computer these days and grew up or heard of these rpg's have either emulated them or own older copies of them on their original systems plus i don't really care for them being redone in 3-D i think it takes a lot of the flair out of them.they need to concentrate on their future games and stop making all of these remakes and at least leave the glitches in them like in FF3 the river LVL up trick that p-me-oed when they fixed that and especially the vanish doom trick i wonder what they screwed out of this one.

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