New Play Control Pikmin Coming to Wii U eShop

Hardcore Gamer - New Play Control Pikmin is coming soon to the Wii U eShop at an attractive price point.

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PhoenixUp804d ago

This reminds me how I always wanted GameCube titles to be ported to Virtual Console or for Nintendo to do more HD remasters of them on Wii U or handheld versions on 3DS.

jholden3249803d ago

Set aside an hour this Saturday, go buy the biggest SD card you can afford (I use a 256gb) and you'll be playing Metroid Prime, Pikmin, F-Zero GX, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, and many others in HD widescreen with a Wii U Pro controller (or PS4 controller or new X1S controller). Or, if you prefer, with an actual GameCube controller via Smash Adapter.

Just, hold yourself accountable and only run in games you own. That's how we support the devs.