PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim vs Xbox One Scorpio: Is it worth upgrading or waiting for new console?

Just when it looked like the battle between the Xbox One and PS4 had been won by Sony, Microsoft has made gamers stand up and pay attention. Do you upgrade now, or wait until the Scorpio has a price and release date?

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PhoenixUp2858d ago

I'm happy PS4 Slim is finally being included into these comparisons

Artemidorus2857d ago

It doesn't make any difference considering it's Playstation 4 but slim.

Are you really bothered about size?

Unspoken2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

If you already have a PS4 and aren't ready to start the new upgrade cycle every three years then hold off for the PS5 or Scorpio. The only one out that is worth getting currently is the XB1S for UHD playback. Maybe the Pro later after it is released but it needs more Pro titles to be worth it.

EpicSandwich2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Scorpio is the only console worth a upgrade. The power is quite substantial compared to the ps4 and xbox one.

Sciurus_vulgaris2858d ago

These upgraded consoles don't offer as much of an upgrade as they appear to. 4 and 6 teraflops isn't that much, there are already 8+ teraflop GPUs, which frequently struggle with 4k unless the graphics are turned down. Not to mention 4k 60FPS gaming on PC (when possible), usually requires the previously stated 8 + teraflops GPUs to be paired with high end i7 CPU clocked at 4GHz +. You also have to consider the diminishing returns of GPU power.

trainsgofast2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I love when you PC guys say don't get a console. Let's end this 1080GTX is faster in a PC or Console?
A console will run loops around a PC if they had the same GPU that's a fact!

Ms said all are game engines will run in 4k 60FPS on Scorpio 1.3TF x 4 = 5.2TF Looks like 4k will happen.

Artemidorus2857d ago

This is true 8+ TFLOP cards provide decent 1080p/1440p but struggle with 4K with low FPS.

Name one 2016 AAA game on a 6 TFLOP card that can provide true 4K 60fps. It doesn't exist on PC.

ShadowKnight2857d ago

I can't run Native 4K 60FPS when playing Dues EX using my GTX 1080. 30FPS is possible though

trainsgofast2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Look how MS engines run on PC 4TF+ GPU card out running a R9380X !
X.xTF is not the same as a X.xTF GPU not in the same class OR a RX 460 VS. Hd7770 it you clock them the same the RX will run loops around the HD GPU with less CU.


So the point is that if Scorpio is based on Vega then 6TF is not the same as 6 on recreant GPUS

@Sciurus_vulgaris your good i was just saying it to as back up to you PS4 pro in not the weak system it's just not as powerful as socrpio and the CPU should have been better. It was more to @Artemidorus point. I have a high powered PC R9 390x OC but i like my console to play games better.

Sciurus_vulgaris2857d ago

@trainsgofast I am a console gamer.

2856d ago
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We know the GPU is 6+tflops vs 4.2tflops, the CPU we don't know on scorpio but pro is 8 core Jaguar @ 2.2ghz per core (vs 1.6 and 1.75ghz on PS4 and X1) but the real kicker here is RAM, which is VERY important for 4k gaming!

Not just 12gb... but 12gb @ 384gb/sec vs PS4 Pro's 8gb @ 197gb/sec. Most video's like Digital Foundry testing GPU's and 4k gaming usually almost always have to up-clock the RAM slightly on board.

Artemidorus2857d ago

But you will be playing Xbox One games with an upscale or true 4K on Scorpio.

You are not getting special treatment for buying one as it's been declared all consoles are a family together.

ShadowKnight2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

coming from you I'm not surprise. Of course you would say that. Let's see if it sells well which is more important :)

@Moldybread it's not nice putting words in my mouth. If I would have said the opposite than I would have said it. The console war is already over and it's irrelevant to me now. Has nothing to do with the Scorpio or PS4 Pro. Happy gaming.

@Moldybread I check out tons of articles on here because I'm a true gamer. I'm allowed to do whatever I want it's a free country buddy. :)

EpicSandwich2857d ago

Everyone is saying that lol scorpio is more powerful and it's a fact

freshslicepizza2857d ago

and you would say the opposite that scorpio is the least attractive, now what? the fact is we know very little about scorpio so it's way too early to make a recommendation to get it or not. ps4 pro has a great price but how many games will take advantage of the power?

freshslicepizza2857d ago

"@Moldybread it's not nice putting words in my mouth. If I would have said the opposite than I would have said it. The console war is already over and it's irrelevant to me now. Has nothing to do with the Scorpio or PS4 Pro. Happy gaming "

then what brought you here and got enough of your attention other than mocking anyone who supports scorpio?

PSN_ZeroOnyx2857d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Xbox IS and always WILL be a waste of money. No games justify its price and M$ abandon their consoles way early in order to focus on their next project.


I'm all about great gaming which is why I'm all about PlayStation. I'm not about holiday gaming, I'm not about good gaming occasionally, so I'm not about Xbox. I'm about playing amazing great games which can't be found on PC. Therefore, I'm a PlayStation fan who occasionally plays select Nintendo exclusives.

EpicSandwich2857d ago

Xbox gamers play more games then ps gamers and it is a fact. So yeah the xbox games Justify the price lol

XanderZane2857d ago

So, "No one left behind" is abandoning. lol!! Ok. Your name tells us all there is about you.

SniperControl2857d ago


Get a life, xbox gamers play an extra 12 mins a day, whoop de bloody doo, lmao, thats a desperate stat to use.

Unspoken2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

You forgot the /s

Another stat in MS favor and it's time to freak out? So what Xbox gamers play their games more than PS owners. PS owners usually have to hit the sites and blogs because their isn't compelling replayability on their console and they have to make sure hate on in all Xbox articles.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx2857d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I play roughly 4 hours a day while working 50+ hours a week at work. My free time when not working 6-7 days a week is spent gaming. I wont, I refuse to waste that time on Xbox. At least PlayStation still has awesome games which aren't on PC.

If and when I have a day off I play 8+ hours a week (my bad, a night off, not week.), I work 3rd shift so I'll be up all night playing. I seen the article on average play time and I'm above the average for all consoles and that includes the average Xbox gamer.

ninsigma2856d ago

The power difference is quite substantial between ps4 pro and og ps4/xb1 too so I don't know why you're so bent on downplaying. Yes Scorpio is more powerful, from what we know anyway, which really isn't much yet, but ps4 pro is no slacker. If Scorpio were the same TF as the pro you'd be saying the exact same thing about it as you are now so how about stop being so disingenuous.

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xDealtwithIt2858d ago

PS4 Pro only upscales to 4k so I wouldn't even consider that a pro type console. That should have been something in the slim similar to what the S does. Plus Sony rolled out a HDR update for all PS4's so seriously, what is the point in a pro? Games are still running in the same low fps and the improvements are minimal. And no UHD player?? Keep that noise, Sony running that big time hustle.

Ginpachi-sama2857d ago

Lol no uhd player oh noooooo!! Most people stream shit get over it

Lennoxb632857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Sony just wants you to subscribe to their 4k streaming service for $30 a month next year lol.