The PSP 3000: is it worth buying now?

When the PSP first launched in North America on March 24, 2005, it revolutionized portable media forever with its ability to play videos, music and display pictures all while being a powerful gaming machine. Since then, it gained even more functionality with a built-in web browser, Skype functionality and connectivity with the Playstation 3. When the Playstation Portable (PSP) 2000 or 'Lite' model was released, it had all the quirks of the original model but answered consumer demands with the additional Video-Out socket which allows users to output video to any progressive television.

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bootsielon3693d ago

The DS is awesome and already had its time, but it is slowing down (at least that's what it seems in japan according to sales). It still has many games, but developers are actually raising the bar with PSP now. It was a matter of time, and of course, it did take time since the PSP is very advance for a portable gaming device.

I once sang the "PSP is dead" song when PSP barely came out, but it's gotten very old now. Especially when you consider that PSP is getting FFXIII, Kingdom Hearts (probably the cell phone game too), Dissidia and Parasite Eve, and that Capcom will further support the PSP. Hell the PSP has already sold more than the N64 and the N64 was a great console. The PSP still has tons of years of life left...

The PSP is a great buy and it's doubtful that its price will be dropped much further. Why would it need one anyway? It's already very cheap compared to when it launched.

BWS19823693d ago

but I'm curious, anyone know if the battery packs will work with the new 3000 PSP's? I bought the 2200 mAMP (or whatever the term is) one for my 1000, and I'm curious, because the extra packs are good for backups....sounds nice though, but I'm still worrisome that an actual "2 point 0/2.0" will come out and have dual analogues and a 3000 purchase will be pointless, who knows if/when a "true sequel" will come out though...

ice_prophecy3693d ago

PSP is only worth its money in conjunction with a PS3 imo.

solidsnakus3693d ago

i defenetly dont think any psp is worth it, even with mods and games on the memory card, its just not worth it unless you travel as a passenger for long distances everyday or something. mine is collecting dust, the battery was completely dead when i tried using it cause i was gonna go somewhere.

BWS19823693d ago

it's a pretty good value for it's entire package, it's a media hub/player/game system, and for that, $200 isn't too bad, the memory pro duo's though, make this space for media, somewhat difficult to get value out of. I have a Creative Zen Vision M, and obviouly GB for GB, a pro duo stick is costly as hell compared to any PVP....they have come down some over the last 2 years or so since I got my PSP. I think they've got up to like 8 GB sticks now.

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The story is too old to be commented.