The Music Behind ReCore – An Interview With Chad Seiter

ReCore Composer Chad Seiter shares his insight on working with Keiji Inafune, and offers valuable advice on creating music for video games and movies.

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Deadlead804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Finally getting an XBO tomorrow. Comes with Gears UE, RotTR, and choice of a new free game. Considering this or Quantum Break. Any recommendations? Just realized Forza Horizon 3 releases tomorrow, probably going with that.

GamingIVfun804d ago

I am wondering why there is not more conversation about the missing content in the game. There is a core bot that is not in the game (the tank that is in the advertising artwork) and without it you cannot access a specific area correctly nor finish it properly. Microsoft did not let people know it was missing until the 16th three days after release, and when they did, all that was said is to stay tuned for more information. I may not have bought the game and waited til they finished it to buy it had they said something before release. Seems kinda shady. I like the game but it is obvious it was not finished with the bugs and load times but to purposely leave out content that was advertised as being in the game and not give a real explanation as to why before release is wrong. I was defending this game before but now I'm kinda annoyed because I feel missled.

SwiffEpics805d ago

This game was really underrated

343_Guilty_Spark804d ago

It's essentially Mega Man Legends 3.

rbailey805d ago

Hopefully get a sequel that turns out to be a better overall game down the road.

Paytaa804d ago

Once I get $40 to spend, I plan on getting ReCore. It seems like a game I would really enjoy. Hopefully it warrants a sequel!

jmetalhead77812804d ago

I've really enjoyed it! The load times have been reduced quite a bit, which makes it much more enjoyable. If I had to rate the game now it'd be 8.5 outta 10. Up from 7.5 before the patch

andresegr804d ago

Its a shame the game didn't turned out so well.

A 63 Metacritic Score is pretty underwhelming, specially this being the second high profile Microsoft Exclusive of the year.

804d ago