[OC]ModShop Talks with Freezepop

OCMS: "While at PAX 2008 I had the chance to meet with the synthpop band Freezepop. For those who don't know, Freezepop's music has been featured on every Guitar Hero game, and many other rhythm games, and have gathered quite a following. Their music is remarkably upbeat and the melodies catchy.

Freezepop consists of three members: Liz Enthusiasm (Jussi Gamache) on vocals, the Duke of Pennekoeken (Kasson Crooker) as programmer, and The Other (Sean T. Drinkwater) on synths. They use a variety of electronic instruments, sequencers and computers to produce their music. Liz is also a graphic designer by trade, and designs the band's logos and CD art.

Freezepop met me at a quiet conference room at the Washington Convention Center. There was a long conference table in the oblong room, and all three members sat at the end."

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