Motörhead Frontman Launching Private Entropia Universe Army

Musical artist news that doesn't involve Rock Band or Guitar Hero? Bizarre! Almost as bizarre as the news itself. Motörhead frontman Lemmy is establishing a base of operations and a virtual rock arena in the virtual world of Entropia Universe. Launching alongside the CryENGINE 2 powered Entropia Universe update, Lemmy's Castle is more than just a series of Lemmy-themed rooms.

It's your gateway into Lemmy's private army! The castle will be defended by guardians that drop rare Motörhead armor parts, a full set of which will allow you access to the castle's inner sanctum, where you will be eligible to join Lemmy's Army. Membership allows players to chat with Lemmy on the army's private channel and compete in quests that will ear you special Motörhead prizes, both virtual and real.

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