Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 Looks Super-Cool in Dissidia Final Fantasy with Full Trailer

Square Enix’s popular arcade game Dissidia Final Fantasy is getting an update on September 28th introducing Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0, and today Square Enix released his full trailer.

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PhoenixUp1117d ago

You know who'd also look super cool in Dissidia?


pompombrum1117d ago

Yeah, adding Ace seems strange when you look at how far they are going to promote FF15, you'd have assumed the next character would have been Noctis.

PhoenixUp1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Adding in Ace makes a lot of sense since FF Type 0 has already been out for 5 years and they want to highlight even more that characters from non-numbered Final Fantasy titles will appear in Dissidia Arcade.

Noctis isn't being unveiled this year for the same reason Lightning didn't appear in the first Dissidia, his game isn't out yet. But don't worry, he'll be unveiled next year. And it'll be super cool when it happens.

Eamon1117d ago

I think Noctis will without a doubt appear. Just have to wait till his own game is out first.