Blues and Bullets Cancelled

To my big regret, sources have told me that the development for further episodes from Blues and Bullets are completely cancelled.

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Iltapalanyymi752d ago

no way. this was one of my favorites this year. so sad to see it go.

Kribwalker752d ago

Weak, really enjoyed episode one, it took them forever for episode two so I was waiting for episode 3 to be close before I bought it so I could play through both back to back

MilkMan752d ago

This is disappointing on many levels. I loved the first two episodes and I thought for sure it would find its audience with games like the TellTale series of games and Life is Strange how could it not find it mark?
In another point of view, I had ordered the season pass assuming we would get regular episodes. Why wouldn't I think there would be regular episodes? I loved what I played, and IF what this article says is true then perhaps they can refund the used portion of the money or a fraction of it.
I am very disappointed at this news. I was looking forward to playing in this universe again. Maybe some publisher can resurrect them. TT I'm looking at you.

Automatic79752d ago

This is definitely disappointing loved the first two episodes. Wow what a waste of an excellent game. Here is hopping they bring it back. MS add this to your portfolio and development. Excellent game.

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