Gameloft spreads to PS3 and PSP development

Siliconera writes: "One of the most unexpected developments from digital distribution is the rise of Gameloft. The mobile phone game company has a single Xbox 360 game and a seemingly endless stream of WiiWare games. It looks like Gameloft's next stop is the PlayStation Network. The USK, Germany's ESRB equivalent, rated Brain Challenge as a PlayStation 3 and PSP game. A console port of Brain Challenge was released on Xbox Live Arcade earlier this year."

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Lord Anubis4328d ago

For those of you who don't know Gameloft is a subsidiary of Ubisoft and the number one mobile developer. At one point EA tried to acquire Ubisoft for the sole reason of acquiring Gameloft. Ironically Ubisoft sold a portion of Gameloft to a bank. Well at least we won and EA didn't acquire them.