Sarcastic Gamer: Is this guy losing it? wrote: "Dan Emerich, the Editor for the Official Xbox Magazine has either gone off his rocker, or is just making bad personal choices with his personal blog… Which means morning entertainment for the rest of us!"

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YoshiMeetsU4324d ago

Too bad he doesn't work for MS as OXM is not affiliated beyond the name with Microsoft. They are actually owned by Future Publications, you know the same company that does Qore.

Troll fail.

Th3 Chr0nic4324d ago

Who cares, someone pissed him off and he is ranting.....he said the F word...other than that i dont see anything that could be taken as rude or even make him look bad. he said that HIS site is HIS personal space and he can do as he wishes with it....guess what he is right. this was a waste of the internet....thanks

SUP3R4324d ago

This is his personal blog, he can say whatever he wants.
This story fails.

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The story is too old to be commented.