UGO: Infinite Undiscovery Review

UGO writes: "What to say about Infinite Undiscovery? At the very least, it tries. The cliché-ridden story is an entertaining one, aided considerably by well-written if somewhat one-note characters and equally commendable voice acting. And the real-time combat manages to deliver some fun even in the face of gaping flaws. In the end though, Infinite Undiscovery feels like a half-hearted attempt to "action up" tried-and-true JRPG conventions for a Western audience. Whether or not this was a goal for the dev team, that "half-hearted" bit is really what we want to focus on.

The narrative is Infinite Undiscovery's strongest feature. Capell is a whiny, youthful musician – yes, this game stars what is essentially a bard – who just happens to look exactly like the most well-known hero in his world, Sigmund. As a result of this, he is taken captive by the evil Order of Chains, a group bent on world domination via a series of chains designed to secure the planet's sole moon in place. The natural, unavoidable side effect of anchoring these chains is increased monster activity. "

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