TGR's Rumor Killers: New Xbox Experience, Force Unleashed PC, Intel Wants In the Next Xbox

TGR - "While we don't yet know when the next batch of consoles will be released, we do know that all three companies are already hard at work on the next-next generation, and as a result they're in the market for parts. According to recent reports, Intel has been wooing Microsoft in order to get its Larrabee chipset into the new Xbox 720. The company is eager to get a console deal (they are also reportedly in talks with Sony) so they can compete with other major manufacturers and drum up interest in Intel-powered PCs amongst the gamer crowd."

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cain1413716d ago

I'm pretty sure they said no PC for Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Stryfeno23716d ago

Backwards Compatibilty is a must on the Xbox 720.

ToastyMcNibbles3716d ago

so is hardware reliability ;) i had to

GameOn3716d ago

Your real breasts are the only flops around here.

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thegamereviews3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Yea I have heard the same, but all depends on if there is good $ in it, there is actually substantially less cost in porting to PC from the 360.

OGharryjoysticks3716d ago

I believe the next Xbox is coming way sooner than expected. The clearout of the 360 is not the only sign. There have been games in development for the new system for well over a year now. A release late next year is probably what is going to happen. The 360 will be kept around like the PS2 for a couple years so MS will have 2 consoles on the market.

RealityCheck3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Some are in denial when they say it is impossible, I agree that it is possible. Wait for Gears 2 and Fable 2 to have their holiday 08 effect, then around April-May 09 announce the next Xbox for holiday 09 with some big hits at launch like Halo Zero, Alan Wake, etc. Reassure the troops that it will be backward compatible, that people's scores and accounts will transfer over and that the 360 will be supported for some more time.

aggh im on fire3716d ago

doubt it will come until 2010, its standard practice to start game development years before the next console launch and the only whisperings of a game for the next xbox are Halo 4. The clearout is just a price drop to the sweet spot something ps2 did also and what ps3 will also do when manufacturing costs are reduced. Its standard business, considering the 360 has been out since Nov 05 the price drop was way overdue.
I would say the 360 is a 5 year cycle at least. Nov 2010 i reckon with ps4 in March 2011 or 2012.

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