Strategy Informer: Rise of the Argonauts Preview

Strategy Informer was able to get some time with the developers of Rise of the Argonauts, perhaps one of the more surprising hands-on experiences to come out of Leipzig. Another Codemasters release, this title looks and feels a bit like Spartan: Total Warrior, just with better graphics and slightly more historical accuracy. A multi-platform release, Argonauts is being developed by Liquid Entertainment, and utilises the powerful Unreal 3 engine.

Set in that lovable age of Greek Mythology, Rise of the Argonauts follows the story of Jason, a Greek King whose wife was assassinated. After taking his revenge on the killer, Jason sets out on his ship (the Argo) to find an item called the Golden Fleece, the only thing that can save his wife (or so he believes). It is the classic Greek story brought to life in a video game. Like all adaptations, some liberties have been taken with the story, but all in all this is shaping up to be a solid title.

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