The PS3 TF2 Communities still thrive..

Well It has been a few months shy of a year since the Orange box's release on the ps3. Some would think that the community would be dead considering it never gets updated, and glitchers can ruin most of the games, but there still is a decent community for a game that was overlooked by valve....

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frey3690d ago

This will get more people to get back into the orange box, we have a good amount but we need more people to do other things.

DavidMacDougall3690d ago

Id be playing it if i could

Mr_Bun3690d ago

Played TF2 for the first time last night, but didn't really know what I was doing. I got rocked. The Spy is very cool idea (I sucked with him too).

frey3690d ago

They did the spy well and it is a blast to play him, I love purposely getting a dumb disguise on(like scout or medic)and still manage to backstab the attackers or defenders easily.

Stryfeno23690d ago

The 360 TF2 Communities are smiling.

The PC TF2 Communities are in heaven.

frey3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Between the two(ps3 and 360) right now is the fact that its getting updated, other than that both versions still have a sticky community. However your comment hits it on the head, so I'll give you a boost.

NipGrip3689d ago

And was surprised by how well it played considering how the reviews went. Granted, I've only played TF2 so that might be the issue but man that is some fun stuff. I play on the PC quite a bit also and yes, it sucks using controller sticks to move and shoot, but it's still fun in front of an HDTV with the surround going.

You can get it right here at GameFly for $25:

That's not a referral link I get paid on or anything either, I just want more peeps to grab it. Maybe they will patch it with the improvements.