New Final Fantasy XI leveling changes detailed, scrutinized

Massively: "For those of us at Massively that own Final Fantasy XI it's been a little while since we sat down and played the game. This newest version update, however, is causing us to consider a return. Our biggest gripe with Final Fantasy XI was that while grouping was a lot of fun, it was also ridiculously hard to find one. So with that in mind, the three biggest pieces of this update are Level Sync, removal of level restrictions for gear and reduction of the experience curve. Level Sync allows a party leader to bring any higher-level players within the party down to their level. It will essentially allow any low-level players to group with high levels, which is a big win for everyone, unless you really don't want to play lower-level content again -- even with your friends.

Square-Enix is making it easier to not only find groups but also to level up into the end-game content, of which there is a ton. Our only worry is whether or not higher level players will really feel like playing in the lowbie zones again, even if it does mean they get to play with friends. Regardless of our worries, this is really a change that should have come a couple years ago, but we're happy to finally see it regardless. We've posted the all-important leveling tweaks after the break."

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Raoh3718d ago

damn it

i was debating canceling my account

i've quit ffxi 3 times and have come back, this time they are trying to get me before i quit again..

sounds good

Nevers3718d ago

there's soooooo much that they made more fun basically. Besides the syncing (gear gets a little too gimpt) but also soloing is now actually do-able. They raised the xp gained from soloing EP's and DC's incredibly... solo'd Thf/dnc from 32-34 last night on leeches and earned tons o' money off the drops.

Can't wait to actually party with my buddies in my LS again.

KeiulZen3718d ago

I was reading on KI and Allakhazam to see how the sync system is, most people are complain about their "uber" high level gear being gimped. But tha well, it would break the game and the game's economy if they were allowed to have ALMIGHTY gear.

Nevers3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I think that maybe some items are a little off (like how negative stats aren't diminished as much as positive ones)but, essentially you're getting a HUGE break getting exp for syncing lower than your lvl already. It's a fair trade (IMHO) to look like a p!mp but have merely High Quality/mediocre (non gimpt) gear and not have EPIC stats on it

I just started for the first time a few months ago on Hades; and I'm really lovin' it. People will always find something to b!tch about in this and every game..

Like my gripe... oh Lizzy... why.. WHY... WHY DO YOU HATE ME SOOOO MUCH ?!?!?

sumfood4u3718d ago

But I just want this game to hit PS3 the newer version one called Rapture!

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PS360WII3718d ago

Ha this is perfect timing really. I just started up BST finally and now the ep and dc have more exp all the better :) Plus a buddy of mine still has his account with a 75 bst he can party up with me!

Nevers3718d ago

be in the Xbox360 and PS2 channels, but no worries.

Nevers3717d ago

don't exist then...? Well then, I guess I'll just ignore that 7-8gigs of space FFxi takes up on my 360's HDD.

The refusal to acknowledge FACT and the sheer ignorance on this site amazes me on a daily basis.

MetalProxy3718d ago

I just started a few months ago and its a pain to find all the right people for the party. If people are 3 lvls higher than you than the xp sucks.
The game still owns. ffxi > WOW

KeiulZen3718d ago

When I saw it, I thought about turning my account back on. Got a taru on Alexander that's in the 50s on like 3 jobs. Think I might turn it back on Friday.

Damn you SE, it's like a bad relationship...just when I quit you, you keep dollin' yourself up and shaking that body in my face >.<

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The story is too old to be commented.