Former Maxis Man: Spore DRM is a Screw Up

Former Maxis man and now one man development company, Cliff Harris, has told SPOnG that Electronic Arts "screwed up" with its use of SecuROM digital rights management technology (DRM) in Spore.

Talking about the tech and the consumer backlash it provoked the developer, who now runs his own indie studio, Positech, to say, "I think EA have screwed up here, for several reasons.

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JsonHenry3695d ago

The biggest reason being they screwed up? IT HAS ALREADY BEEN CRACKED AND IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!!

Lumbo3695d ago

actually it was cracked and offered for download THREE FREAKING DAYS BEFORE RELEASE

Just imagine how much money they send over to SecuROM for that worthless crap .... That is one Sony sub company i really dislike ...

Megaton3695d ago

It only punishes the people who legitimately purchase and use the software, and possibly makes frustrated legit users crossover into piracy. It was on torrents before it even launched. That's about as worthless as copy protection gets.

cruckel3695d ago

EA's been messing up ever since they forgot what gamers wanted, started buying out great developers, and started to think about money.

Just telling the pirate community that they can't crack it, or it is going to have tight DRM is just going to provoke them to get them crack it faster.