Five Reasons PS4 Owners Should Check Out Darkest Dungeon Next Week

OnlySP: I’m not a person that’s ever paid much mind to the comings and goings of Kickstarter developments. Kickstarter is an excellent resource to get a tiny peek behind the curtain of game development, however limited that may be, and building an unprecedented level of excitement and, for lack of a better word, hype.

durran32831d ago

This game will destroy you - that's all i can say

shammgod2831d ago

Good or bad? . I tried to preorder yesterday, but it's not available for preorder

durran32831d ago

This game is amazing but its about managing your stress levels and believe me you will be stressed in real life

opinionated2831d ago

Awesome game. I have it for PC and I'm buying it on PS4 next week.

ShadowKnight2831d ago

Have it on PC as well. Great game.

FullmetalRoyale2831d ago

I'll be buying it on Vita, when it releases. Very interested in playing it.

quent2831d ago

This game will have you constantly equally loving and hating it, I normally play it with one hand on the mouse and the other giving the game the finger while being completely focused and entranced with the tactical gameplay.


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ChronoJoe237d ago

Inscrpytion should be higher and I think BPM deserves a mention.


Top 10 Best Video Games Like DnD (Dungeons & Dragons)

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Christopher767d ago

Best Video Games Like D&D. Includes two games that are literally using the D&D ruleset and have WotC D&D branding and one that uses the D&D 3.5 ruleset with custom classes (Pathfinder).

I really wish authors would spend more time explaining and detailing things rather than being so focused on throwing a list together for yet another opinion piece. There's a ton you can say about all of these games and their ties to Pen and Paper roleplaying. Other than Armello, all of the listed games are inspired by various PnP RPGs, including Warhammer for one of them. Obsidian alone got much of their start in classic D&D RPGs and Dragon Age was their own take on many of their past creations molded into one that was even turned into a PnP game.