Making music

Jason Hill writes:

"The genius of the Guitar Hero games has been in providing the illusion that you are playing an instrument, that you are a rock god playing in front of an adoring crowd.

It's a fantasy that many of us have dreamed of but few are realistically capable of achieving, despite the (seemingly inevitable) sneering from some musicians that players should try picking up a real instrument instead of a plastic one.

Fortunately, many musicians do appreciate that music games can have a role in introducing new audiences to their music, and Guitar Hero World Tour's incredibly comprehensive Music Studio tool will undoubtedly help convert many others.

The tools are similar in scope to hobbyist recording and mixing packages like Apple's Garage Band or Cubase, and allow musicians to record and share their own songs or cover-versions of classics online with others.

Of course, not every World Tour owner will have the skills, time or patience to record their own tracks, but every World Tour owner will surely benefit from the depth of the package as they will almost surely have a bountiful assortment of free songs to download once professionals and hobbyists alike start to get their hands on the game."

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