Metal Gear Survive Deserves a Better Chance

Metal Gear Survive has seen considerable backlash from fans. But based on what we've seen so far, we believe Metal Gear Survive deserves a better chance.

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ROD87382853d ago

I don't think zombies are completely out-of-place in a Metal Gear game.

guywazeldatatt2853d ago

Considering all the other crazy stuff in the games, you're right.

Aloy-Boyfriend2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

All that crazy stuff had some context and purpose: nanomachines technology and few supernaturals like Psycho mantis. This other dimension thing with Zombies has none whatsoever and it is nothing but a cash grab

guywazeldatatt2853d ago

@Kurta maybe so, but, it's still not a huge stretch in the universe.

UltraNova2853d ago


Multiple dimensions with zombies in a MGS game is actually a stretch even by their standards.

bouzebbal2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

they manage to exchange zombies to humans in RE, why not the opposite in MGS, knowing that there is a guy called Vamp and all kinds of genetically modified species in it.
MGS for me stops at MGS5

Fez2853d ago

MGS5? I think you're mistaken... MGS only goes up to 4.

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The 10th Rider2852d ago

Honestly, Kojima makes some great games . . . But lately he's been coming off as kind of cocky and arrogant. He's throwing out a lot of bold statements about his new game when it's just barely started development. Considering all his crazy internet campaigns and everything, I think he kind of craves attention and the spotlight. I'd say he's one of the best game developers out there right now (individuals, not companies), but I still shake my head at some of the things he says to get in the news.

Hedstrom2853d ago

Well if you havent played a Metal Gear game i wouldnt recommend starting with Metal Gear survive. And if you have played a Metal Gear game i wouldnt recommend to play Metal Gear Survive ;)

guywazeldatatt2853d ago

I don't think it will be as bad as people are trying to say. Yeah, Kojima created the series, but he's not Metal Gear; there's an entire staff that's still there at Konami who are working their asses off.

Moe-Gunz2853d ago

He is Metal Gear. The series is injected with his personality and quirks that it is very hard for anyone to follow up.

RosweeSon2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Yeah he is. Metal gear without Hideo is a non starter never gonna have the same greatness he brings to the table.

The 10th Rider2852d ago

I mean, he tried with Metal Gear Rising and it didn't work out with his team behind it . . . Then development moved to Platinum Games and they turned out a great game. He was still the visionary behind the setting and everything, but they changed a lot of things he thought were key to the game.

SCW19822853d ago

No it doesn't and neither does Konami

guywazeldatatt2853d ago

Konami screwed over Kojima but they've both moved on. The endless grudge is pointless and only hurts the developers there now.

SCW19822853d ago

They also screwed over Igarashi and in my personal opinion that's worse. Konami more than other companies really doesn't give a damn about us, why should i let them off easy?

guywazeldatatt2853d ago

it hurts the workers and devs with such blind hate.

morganfell2853d ago

It isn't hurting Kojima and all the people that followed him out of Konami. They own themselves, have a free hand and get to make the game they want on their terms

PhoenixUp2853d ago

It's hilarious how Metal Gear fans gave a pair of turn-based collectible card tactical RPGs and an action hack slash a chance with little fuss but go into a big outrage at the mere thought of a co-op survival stealth game.

guywazeldatatt2853d ago

what the internet does to video game fans...

IIFloodyII2853d ago

There was a lot of MGS fans who kicked off a fuss over MGR, mostly over it taking place past MGS4, it wasn't until it released and was really good that most started giving it a pass. MGSurvial could turn out good too, but considering what they showed it has mediocre written all over it, they haven't even gone to the effort of making a new world map, it's just Afghanistan with some fog effects and debris everywhere.

thejigisup2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I was cool with MGR, and it was a brilliant short game. I will not support Konami any longer, regardless of how amazing of a game they put out. I can respect a good game, but not a crappy company.

JEECE2853d ago

You've just shown your ignorance on the matter. MGS fans complained about the Acid games until we got real portable MGS games (Portable Ops and then Peace Walker). And Rising got ripped when announced and ignored when released. MGS fans don't consider it part of the series.