Xbox 360 games headed to iPhone?

Might we see Xbox 360 games on Apple's iPhone at some point soon?

Microsoft is reported to be "waiting for [the] right opportunity" to develop games for Apple's iPhone, according to latest reports from Official Xbox 360 magazine in the UK.

Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer is looking for the right game to do it with, according to an E3 interview posted today over on

Spencer noted that the iPhone version of Will Wright's Spore from EA Mobile was "a good example" of how cross-platform gameplay would work.

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Calcio3691d ago

It really is only a matter of time til this happens - iPhone is way too big an opportunity for Microsoft and their Xbox brand

mchax3691d ago

This will only work if they keep pricing at a minimum - especially as the games in the app store are cheap-ish

Capt CHAOS3691d ago

The iphone is a dead gaming system unless it's for turn bases strategy. It's whole input/control system stinks..

Calcio3690d ago

I dont necessarily agree with that. It's perfectly functional but needs good design decisions