Gameplanet Review: Madden NFL 09

GP reports:

''Madden NFL is perhaps the most iconic sports video game of our time, selling an incomprehensible number of copies and reaching just about every platform that ever even thought about being mainstream. It would be difficult to find someone who doesn't have their own Madden experience.

Madden has over time become the face for sports games, always being at the forefront of available technology. Looking back over the last twenty years of Madden, one can track the evolution of gaming itself - from the humble beginnings of 10-pixel players on DOS, to the immaculately presented, photo-realistic version of today.

First published in 1988, John Madden Football (as it was then titled) was released for DOS, Apple II and Commodore 64. Due to the limited processing power of these platforms, each team was limited to six players on the screen at once, there was no voice commentary and it focused mainly on strategy rather than action. How times have changed. Today, Madden NFL 2009 promises to be an all action affair fronted by quarterback Brett Favre, a player nearly as iconic as the series itself.''

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