Gamasutra - The Conduit's Matt Corso On Pushing Wii Hardware For A Hardcore FPS

Independent studio High Voltage Software is taking a bet on the Wii with its upcoming game The Conduit. Two bets, actually -- that the system's hardware is capable of significantly more than most developers have done with it, and that its broad audience contains a market for a hardcore-slanted first-person shooter.

The Conduit seems to be progressing well on the first front, based on gameplay demos and videos released by High Voltage, but the team will have to wait until the game's planned early 2009 release to see if it succeeds on the second.

Gamasutra sat down with creative director Matt Corso to chat about The Conduit. Corso discussed the impetus that led to High Voltage choosing this route, some of the ways the team has had to treat the Wii hardware to get the results it needs, the company's relationship with Nintendo and its talks with publishers, and design considerations made with respect to the FPS genre.

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SinnedNogara4315d ago

This game is really cool. I am really excited, I am already saving money for it. I own a Wii, and games like Metroid Prime 3 and Smash Bros are really cool. However, I am angry at third party developers for not taking the Wii seriously. I mean come on!!!! Konami and Capcom didn't switch to the TurboGrafx-16 when it came out, and it was twice as powerful as the NES. They are now doing it now and switching to two other more powerful systems!!!! This is insane!!! I want a Contra or Bionic Commando on the Wii!!! Hardcore games!!!! Not Action Girlz Racing (stupid idea) I want hardcore games like that!!

TheColbertinator4315d ago

Go for it High Voltage.They have my 100% full support