HMV Says Games Will Be Bigger Than Music

Who goes to record stores anymore? I don't really - unless I'm looking for something very, very specific. And other people don't seem to be going as well. Heck, music retailer HMV announced that music sales are down 30 percent. But thankfully, people still get off their asses to go buy video games. Chief executive Simon Fox said:

"Music is in our DNA and we are totally committed to it. But the fact is, the market is moving away from music - so we are giving more space in our stores to games... In games, we grew by just over 50 per cent, ahead of the market. And looking forward to Christmas... Within the next 12 to 18 months, it's possible games will be bigger than music for us."

Capt CHAOS5385d ago

They will be bigger than Music OR Film.

I've been thinking that since 1992. But I was so wrong in thinking that it'll be in the next 50 years.. Much sooner than that.