XeNonX Reviews Tiger Woods 09 (PS3)

Steve M editor over at, up and coming, PS3 blog XeNonX has given his thoughts on EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. XeNonX decided not to score any of it's reviews and want readers to read the reviwers opinion, not just the score.

From the review:
"This years edition of TW09 will feel instantly familiar to fans of the series, presentation and structure doesn't change much from year to year in any of EA Sports franchises, sticking firmly to the mantra if it isn't broke why fix it. First job is to create your character, a process that gets easier every year with improvements to EA's Gameface feature. Uploading a couple of high resolution mugshots to my easportsworld profile lead to the game generating an in game version of me which was eerily similar the real thing, and using the expansive options available pretty much every detail can be tweaked to your hearts desire. Gameface is a very impressive piece of software should you choose to spend a little time and effort creating your in game avatar. Of course you don't have to, the game can auto generate a character for you or should you wish you can go the more comical route and create something truly hideous to hack there way round some of the finest courses in the world."

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