Bit-Tech: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Again, it's an annoying shame – but that's a phrase which almost utterly describes Mercenaries 2. Co-op could have been the cream on the top of an excellent cake, but instead it's another sloppily executed smudge of...something on top of a cake that's uninspired and stale, though not inherently unenjoyable.

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InMyOpinion3695d ago

BS. Give it some time and you'll find an extremely enjoyable game with lots of things to do and secrets to unlock. 8/10 in my book.

pcgia3695d ago

Yeah I agree, This game over all graphics wise, the menu's barely work, twitchy controls, stupid ai, can't walkt through shrubs etc.. all suck and could have been better.

BUT, the actual gameplay is awesome and the game IS tons of fun. You can waste an hour easily just by touring around and playing around with things. I try to fly a helicopter into hostile areas that already have a helicopter there, then I just land get out. Then one of my enemies will jump in it and I have two helicopters tracking me while i'm tearing through the ground troops. It's fun as hell. Then I call in one of my paid for copters get Ewan to drop it off and proceed to try and manual take over a enemy chopper or even more fun jump in the one I just called in and have a heli dogfight... it's alot of fun.

Fun in a game counts more then how it looks. All these people that b1tch and moan about that stuff don't play games, they just like looking at them!