Why Did the OUYA Fail? Reflecting on the Little Console That Couldn’t

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"Despite the initial groundswell of support, the OUYA microconsole faded from the limelight just as quickly as it sprang up.With such momentum behind it, how could the OUYA fall from grace so spectacularly in only a few short years? Now that the dust has well and truly settled – even if the bitterness still lingers – we thought it might be a good chance to reflect on the little console that couldn't. So, why did the OUYA fail to connect with gamers?"

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brianunfried2326d ago

The only reason I bought an OUYA was because I heard it was good at emulation and I found one at Goodwill for $20. Turns out it is great at emulation, XBMC and works with the Dualshock 3 controller. If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to get emulation on your TV, I highly recommend getting one. It emulates just about every retro console and game.

ASBO-52326d ago

Well the wack ass name didn't help anything

Timesplitter142326d ago

Having the most terrible ads in history didn't help either

cell9892326d ago

The name was very lackluster

ziggurcat2326d ago

"Why Did the OUYA Fail?"

is that a rhetorical question?

Kokyu2326d ago

It tried to push crap mobile games into the home space when the people who play those by nature do it on the go.

Gh05t2326d ago

And had a mobile device already.

CoyoteHunter2325d ago

Exactly my conclusion. The sacrifice in mobility was not one gamers were willing to make for the type of games the OUYA was pushing.

DimensionalSound2326d ago

It failed because the company chose not to actively promote it or find ways of drawing people's interest beyond that of their initial Kickstarter. At the height of this thing's life, I wrote for a few sites that found a decent amount of readership interested in indie games and other elements of gaming that the Ouya should've been able to attract very well. They never responded to any request for interviews or features that would explore ways in which the Ouya could deliver the sort of indie, DIY gaming experience that there was And still is a market for. Not one returned email from them, ever. And I should also add that I was writing for sites that were easily given review codes for games. We were struggling to turn a profit, but could easily demonstrate regular readership, and Ouya simply couldn't be bothered to realize there was a market growing in these scenes.

CoyoteHunter2325d ago

Thanks for your response, that's some really interesting info. Do you think it was pure ignorance on their part or rather arrogance thinking that they didn't need to engage in that sort of 'marketing'?

DimensionalSound2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

To be honest, I think they were simply not prepared to run a business, or at least run a business in a way that would've helped the Ouya thrive and grow.

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The story is too old to be commented.