Big changes are coming to The Division

The Division, Ubisoft's big online multiplayer-focused third-person shooter, burned brightly at launch but quickly faded as a myriad of gameplay, performance and technical issues left players feeling disillusioned.

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guywazeldatatt2857d ago

I want to start playing again desperately.

cleft52857d ago

I love this game, but everything with the change of late has put me off it. So I am waiting for the 1.4 patch to drop and see if that take cares of a lot of my core issues. I spend hours playing the game and dont have any real solid drops to show for it. I dont have all day to grind for gear anymore. I need an efficient, well thought out process that lets me play the game for a hour and get me a drop or two that isnt pointless.

thorstein2857d ago

I hope the changes mean DZ changes to AI as well. I hated the fact that I would do a build and the AI ramped up higher than what I was, thus making the DZ unplayable as a lone wolf (which is one of the gear sets...)

brich2332857d ago

I sense the sarcasm lol!!!

TheEvilResident19972857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I'm not going back to this game I tried it's just a mess but if it's balanced right then maybe.

Kribwalker2857d ago

I bought just the the first DLC and I'm happy I didn't buy the season pass, as the DLC was garbage. Played it twice and that was it

Utalkin2me2857d ago

Played it twice and formed such a strong opinion, then you didnt even hit level 5 in the underground.

I have to disagree, i thought the DLC was very good. Random generated maps was a good addition to the DLC, so you just dont farm the same map over and over. But it stays fresh for a while until you have farmed them quite a bit. And directives added extra elements to the random generated maps too. IMO, great first DLC and i hope the other DLC's have random generated maps too.

zielocz3k2857d ago


Doesnt matter if that they are automatically generated. Every map feels the same and you are doing same shit again and again and again. Boring.

Neonridr2857d ago

@Utalkin2me - my main gripe with the Underground stuff was that once you finally got to a high enough level to unlock the multi-mission parts, I was hoping they were going to be newer, deeper missions that had multiple objectives. Instead they just shoehorn two normal missions back to back.

I got to rank 27, but not sure if I can grind it out to get to 40.

I will wait to see what comes with the 1.4 patch, but not very hopeful about this game right now.

XXanderXX2857d ago

How about some hand to hand combat added to game play

XXanderXX2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It shouldn't be DLC but if they add it to the game as DLC am willing to pay for it .
Should have been an ability from the get , they are Agents that handle guns , grenades , turrets . shields , climb .scale down buildings , tech savvy but have no hand to hand combat skills . WTF missed that skill set . (HTFS)

Lamboomington2857d ago

that would be the most useless thing in the entire game. They'd have to completely redesign encounters and combat to allow for that. :P

XXanderXX2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Why not do DLC expansions that have it , not like they need to save it for a sequel .

Tetsujin2857d ago

I like the idea of the World difficulty, as well as farmable bosses OUTSIDE the Dark Zone. I got so sick of the behavior in the Dark Zone, especially when the biggest argument was "git gud." Seems like Ubisoft finally realized not everyone is a fan of PvP, and Dark Zone failed overall as an experiment. Good ideas but poor execution.

All I ask at this point is the ability to fully remap the controller, I get sick of having to use the PS4 menu to remap certain buttons to revert back for other games.

cash_longfellow2857d ago

I stay away from any game where the player base uses the term "git gud"...it sounds stupid and reads stupid.

TeflonHahn2857d ago

Yeah. So many people exploited the games holes early on and became God Tier. By the time it was patched, it simply was almost impossible to catch up. It was so annoying, it got to the point where people would kill you in the DZ even though you weren't even carrying any items. It was just a big troll fest.

Lennoxb632856d ago

Doesn't the PS4 have a controller app that automatically switches controls based on games? Xbox has it, I though the PS4 had it too.

EazyC2857d ago

This is like taking someone out of their coffin for a haircut