The Sad Reality of 'Bioshock: The Collection'

Why ScreenGurus Cole feels let down by the state of 'Bioshock: The Collection'

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Corpser2567d ago

Xb1 PS4 gets the same PC port with the same bugs and less graphics options

LordMaim2566d ago

Haven't seen the same bugs on PS4, but the graphics are much better than they were 10 years ago on console.

BentheTurtle2566d ago

Yeah, I'm playing on Xbone and haven't had any issues at all. Loving the updated visuals!

LordMaim2566d ago

@BentheTurtle: Plus, if you only played it previously on 360, you get the previously PS3 exclusive challenge rooms. All three games, with improved graphics and framerate, plus DLC for $60? This is a no-brainer.

Fist4achin2567d ago

Still a great game. I don't get why people are getting so hung up on graphics, instead of the content of the game itself. I'd rather play an awesome game than a polished turd...

Clown_Syndr0me2567d ago

Exactly. Gameplay is far more important.

Trekster_Gamer2567d ago

Should have been a TRUE REMASTER!

scark922567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I agree and I never complain about graphics, but I do believe people should get more value for their money, if some devs work hard and charge a high price, should that not be a standard? Not that the devs who worked on the remaster didn't.

StrawberryDiesel4202566d ago

Not sure what "Sad Reality" the writer is referencing. The game feels completely different from the PS3/360 versions. They are 1080p and 60fps on PS4/Xbone as opposed to 720p 30fps on PS3/360. There were also a few other graphical enhancements as well. For a console gamer like myself, that was worth it alone. The combat feels much smoother and responsive on PS4. Some stutter/frame drops here and there, but nothing too jarring. Also, they included all DLC from all three games and it's some great DLC. People complaining about this remaster need to get a life. What more did you want?

Jon615862567d ago

That's fine and dandy for a new game but this is a remaster of games so yes graphics do matter in that regard.

attilayavuzer2567d ago

You know it's possible to have both. No ones arguing they should've destroyed the gameplay to make it look nice.

KwietStorm_BLM2567d ago

Because we already played these games years ago. We already know how great they were. A huge part of doing a remaster is because of the upgrade in the graphics fidelity. This isn't a new game where all the focus is on the graphics. This is specifically a remaster. I would question how you could *not* get "hung up" on the graphics if there are clear issues.

sullynathan2567d ago

that's probably because Bioshock didn't have the best gameplay and people expect a remaster of a near decade old game to work better.

REDGUM2566d ago

Well said (Fist4achin).
I brought the game to replay the campaigns. I thought they were one of the best games released on ps3. To be able to replay both Bioshock 1&2 on my shiny ps4 along with Bioshock 3 which i never completed is awesome. I couldn't care less about the graphics and upgrades etc. If its not up to your std of remakes or sooped up graphics etc then don't purchase it, or take it back if you already have it.

As you say, not much point in having the ultimate of the ultimate graphically mind boggling game if its an average game to play in the 1st place!!

LamerTamer2566d ago

Like you can only have one?

Most of us already played these. The whole draw of re buying and re playing again is to experience it with better graphics, otherwise what is the point?

It is like saying why watch a movie with better quality on blu-ray again when you already saw it on VHS tape. The "content" is the same why get "hung up" on graphics?

REDGUM2566d ago

You said in your 1st piece, "whats the point unless its better graphics etc" but then went on to say "if the content is the same why bother" comparing blu ray to vhs?

Slightly contradictory there!

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Clown_Syndr0me2567d ago

I think its awesome. Never played first Bioshock before, got it for £20 too.

Ozmoses2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I bought BioShock: The Collection on PS4.. I'm a first time Bioshock player.. New to the entire series... I'm probably about half-way through Bioshock on Hard Difficulty with Vita-Chambers turned off right now and I'm loving it.

I haven't experienced any issues whatsoever... Nothing technical, nothing graphical, nothing....

The only complaint I have is that for some unknown reason 2K has decided to block BioShock: The Collection from being streamed/broadcasted through the internal features built into the PS4 and Xbox One.

The only way to stream from consoles is if you have your console connected inbetween an external capture card and a PC (to run the stream/CC program)

Other than that the game is delight. I'm glad I finally am actually playing it. Everything looks beautiful and plays very nicely!

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Eonjay2566d ago

if you wrote for a crappy blog I bet you would be having all sorts of problems.

vikingland12566d ago

Blunt and to the point ; ) I like.

REDGUM2566d ago

Glad you're enjoying it. Originally when.1st released they were top of thier game, although the re-release isn't stellar (in some peoples minds) it truly is great to have the chance to play again one of the best , if not the best trilogies to date.

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